Forum Rules Clarification

Council had relaxed some of these prior to this post to allow players to express , but due to the numerous issues we are going back to forum silences and here is a reminder of what is not acceptable. Here is the link as well.

We will provide 1 verbal written warning to cease unacceptable behavior and then the forum bans will come into place.

Forum users are forbidden to:

• create similar topics, post several similar responses in the topic;

• create topics that have no meaning, consist of symbols, smileys, etc. This applies to both the topic and the body of the post;

• excessive use of text formatting features (fonts, colors, etc.);

• sporting slogans;

• quotation of messages that contain profanity and / or abusive language;

• flame war (open showdown);

• intentional cluttering of a topic;

• begging, asking for in-game goods and money;

• trading outside dedicated forum section;

• off-topic posts within the bounds of the current discussion;

• communicating in a language other than English, or otherwise incomprehensible to most readers of forum;

• placement of messages on behalf of the players who have received forum gag;

• "bumping" of old topics with last comments submitted over a month ago;

• abusing other players;

• sexual harassment (i.e. messages containing appeals to sexual relations);

• recurring placement of messages on behalf of the players who have received forum gag;

• swearing;

• hidden abusive language;

• threats in real life, as well as threats of hacking character, mail, messengers, etc.;

• provocation of other users to violate the laws of the game;

• attempts of fraud, slander;

• promotion of use and distribution of drugs, alcohol, psychotropic substances;

• incitement of ethnic hatred;

• manifestations of fascism, racism, as well as any other form of eroding human dignity based on religion, gender and other characteristics;

• incitement to violence, terrorism;

• links to external Internet resources;

• unauthorized advertising projects;

• malicious links that are hazardous to character, email, messengers and other communicators, as well as users' computers;

• discussions, proposals, requests for sale (exchange) of gaming resources (money, services, property, character) for real and / or play money not through authorized dealers.

Punishments for Violation of Forum Rules
Forum Rules
Reason Duration
Messages containing abusive language are forbidden. Abusive language 3 days
(72 hours)
Messages containing links to third-party projects or links to malicious resources are forbidden.
Malicious link distribution (MLD)
1 month
Messages containing criticism, insults, negative statements about the Game or Administration are forbidden.
Destructive behavior 1 week
Messages containing insults towards players/groups/factions are forbidden. Insult 3 days
(72 hours)
The following is forbidden:
- flood, off topic messages over several pages, regardless of the the Guardian warnings to stop such behaviour;
- excessive use of upper case (caps);
- cluttering Chat in any form: by sending messages that make no sense or incoherent messages not related to each other by meaning or language, by multiple repetition of similar characters.
- creation of multiple similar topics by same player;
- discussion and criticism of Guardian actions. All complaints should be placed in a respective forum thread. Flood/Flame 24 hours
Messagses that contain information that can offend other players (discussion of racism and fascism, other forms of discrimination, pornography, sexual remarks, remarks on ethnicity, attempts to start an ethnic strife and similar topics) are forbidden. Depending on severity of violation

3 days
(72 hours)
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