I have a question

Just an honest question: What are the chances we can make this game a bit more fair when it comes to the cost of playing? The US players basically pay double what some others pay, and gold, heroism, etc. are all based ONLY on damage dealt. So unless you are a Russian Zerk, the game is at it's basic level, going to be unfair in your earnings.

I get it, we all picked our classes, and where we live, but the game itself should not be so stacked for one set.
So admins....when will you start listening to your players?

We keep telling you why people don't play anymore - yet we are not believed.

Everyone keeps complaining about the gold drop. It is nonexistent. I work a full-time job. I want to come home and hop on my game to relax. Not to sit here night after night trying to make my pitiful gold just to play only aoh and work profession. I do not want to farm mobs for hours or feel forced to do HoP night after night.

Cant do Maze...don't have enough gold
Can't keep sailing for Pirates....don't have enough gold
Can't play SeaBattles often....don't have enough gold.
Can't work on some of my reps...definitely don't have enough gold
War?...getting to a point I won't have enough gold

Getting ready for 1 hour AOH HoP costs me: 5-8g depending on what I need to stock up on (sometimes more). Then I have a bad bot fight and guess how much I can make? I have made as low as 65s in a fight Now lets talk about my gear that broke....broke 2 main pieces and that cost me 9g. So I just spent approximately 15g to get 1 fight in and made 65s.

As we keep saying...Pallies make the least amount of gold in game. It is a well known fact. People who have Zerk/Witcher mains and then do a Pally alt all tell me the same thing. "WOW...doing AOH HoP on a Pally sucks". But even other classes are struggling with getting gold in upper levels to play this game.

And lets talk about all that gear damage. Level 70 4-5g each piece. Upgraded after that is 6g. Really?

This is why your player base is so low. Not sure why you cannot see that?

When you all took away Rachni and made us do AOH HoP...it was fine. Then you all "tweaked" something a few years back - decreased the gold rate and increase the gear damage. Greedy. Knock that off and fix it.

We were given 1 week of charms. That was nice. Not sure what you expected from players. Our server has been ignored and abandoned for years by admin...so did you expect everyone to just jump in? No that is not logical.

Bottom Line: Your player base is bored because there is no gold to do anything fun. People will not keep spilling in real money when it is not worth the effort. You keep losing players because of the same issue. Once players get up in level they quit. Why? Because it just becomes too costly.

People play a game to have fun - not feel like it is a second job when all they can do is just HoP every night.

I am all nice and sweet and full of honey - but when multiple people say the same thing and you all still dont think there is a problem...well there is not enough coffee to keep my crankiness in check.

Can you please just listen to us and help us out? It would be greatly appreciated
Admins don't know what they have here....this is a great game. They don't listen and their plan is to bring back the old player base....(WONT HAPPEN WITH THE GOLD GAIN.)
The gold grop of the game is not as simple as giving everyone +25%, +100% or +1000% boost. Hasty moves like this could kill of a game faster than you might imagine. It should be carefully concidered and researched. And we are doing that.
On top of that - raising gold drop by itself will not add anything new and appealing to the game. It will add more gold in pockets and that's it. But will not earn more players.

thank you for taking the time to reply to a much needed topic. i would ask, can we put it back to how it was before they took it away while you all think about it?? As MANY have said, we simply can not afford to do much more without the return of gold. It seems to me, it was taken away without much thought or regard to the players in the first place....

guess we await your return next week in this soap.

also would like your stance on the fact that US players pay almost double... you seem to have skipped right over that part as well...
From what I’ve seen, for some reason it seems to largely depend on what you’re paying with.

For example, I live in Ireland. If I pay for Reals on PC using Paypal, it’s almost a 1 Euro for 2 Reals Ratio, if I buy Reals on my ipad, i pay 1:1, if I use a PaySafe card (which aren’t even available in Ireland) its around 1.5:1

I don’t play anymore really, and mains in jail for a small loan, which I cant justify paying to get him out yet.

Have you checked out buying with Paypal on a PC? Never know it could be cheaper
SensateHasty moves like this could kill of a game faster than you might imagine. It should be carefully concidered and researched. And we are doing that.

Seems like you should have had that in mind a year or two ago when you made the current changes to the gold gain.
Let's just not rush on Sensate he just came to help us with the game and we must be patient and good with him so that he can be good with us in return. I think that Admins are much more enjoying creating a good game with a good community! (smile)
No No zone,

lol yea, ok, you wait and see how long..... since we asked for this to be fixed for a year, i am not sure what you think is an appropriate waiting period. please, enlighten us.
-Mr Zerk-,

well, interesting. I believe (I have never used PayPal cuz it is not very safe), that PayPal within the US is still 90 reals for $89.99 but i maybe wrong.

Would love to hear from some of our US players. I would also be interested if i moved to say Russia, does my cost to play auto get cheaper?
Thank you so much for the reply. Yes one cannot just give away gold in the game...but an increase is definitely needed to balance out upper level costs.

But I do respectfully disagree. Adding more gold in our pockets will let us play the game more and not be so upset about gear damage and inability to do events in game.

Good to hear that you are at least looking into it

I know we all keep talking about how the other server pays cheaper price when converted to US dollars. I am only a nurse and have no clue about economics and all that stuff.

Could it be possible that their cost of living and the money exchange rate affects what they pay over there? I know quite a few who work long hours/days and what they make compared to US is way lower.

Just throwing another perspective out there. I don't think the admins ever meant to set up a game where one place paid more than the other. Possible I am completely off base here and I own that - but no one has ever brought up that point.
Nurse Ratched,

you do know players here pay half also right? have you added up the cost of playing this game? Now, i agree, there are different wages across the world, but we are talking double. Is there any world wide game that adjusts the cost per country? I have not heard of that. I am not saying it does not, i just have not heard of it.

Bottom line, some of us have spent tens of thousands of dollars on this game. Now I get confirmation that others got more for half what i paid in. I am not asking for any back compensation, just saying going forward, I am not willing to pay double what others pay. On top of that, we now seem to have a pretty large number of people (in comparison to the number of active players) who get weekly rewards and as a result, basically get to play for free.

End of the day, I would like to support a game that is fair to the players of the game. If the game feels they need to charge one group of players more than other, and give their helpers what amounts to a free pass, then they can continue to watch the game die slowly. Instead of thinking themselves as a Ferrari where they only need one or two whales, they should be more like Walmart, make a little per person, but serve a lot.

each person gets to make their choices in life.
if u don’t even fix the gold that we can obtain for aoh previously before this drastic fall, i don’t even have enough gold for war. everyday, i only have at most 2-3 hrs if i want to play this game...hop yields so little g in arena that it is becoming a waste of time. Please restore at least the old payout. Ty
This is a great game, make many friends, in a great clan but i just cannot even have enough gold to play. not a casher and end up have to sell sydian in AH to raise gold. sad. last time is not like this really. why punish long-time players like us? Gold is the main thing
Point one.
Gold change occured way before I got any chance to work on this project.
So I am dealing with the aftermath of that decision as much as you do.
But as far as I know, gold drop was broken before and the change made it as it initially intended to be. For better or worse.
I hear your troubles and as I stated before, we do plan to make game better in that regard.

Point two.
Nova paying more than Terra for reals.
It all comes down to regional pricing.
At the very core of things US region have 1 real = 1 usd conversion. Russian region have 1 real = 40 rub.
Theese are fixed prices. And while at some point 1 usd actually was equal to 40 rub, this is not the case now. Because rouble value drops constantly.
On top of that I would like to point out that quality of life and average income in Russia is much lower than in US or most EU countries. So in IT sphere some regional pricing is also involed.
You can move to Russia and enjoy the benefits of much cheaper games on Steam and lower converson rate of reals. By all means. Yet I guess one would rather chew off one's own hand than do such thing.

Sorry. Yes. You are new to the game.

I should have stated the Devs back then should not have made such a hasty decision which ended up costing them ehhh.....paying customers. Don't know exactly how many but I think some of them would come back if the game were to revert back to the original gold gain.

Point one: how long should we expect the "thinking and talking" phase to take? Is this issue your top priority, and will be addressed before any further adjustments are made to the game? And if so, when should we expect to see some results?

Point two: Are you aware there are players on Nova enjoying the half price as well, so is the cost for reals based on the location of the player? It does not seem to be tied to which server (Nova vs Tera). again, just trying to see what is what here. It has been over 5 years since 40 Rubbles equaled a dollar. So maybe we could adjust that?

Again, you have to ask yourself, how many Americans would spend $500 per month on a game? even in our country, that is a significant investment.

Really appreciate all your feedback I understand you are coming in to someone else's mess and trying to clean up the best you can (been there at work myself lol). Thank you for the explanation on the exchange rate - that was valuable information and along the lines of what I was already thinking.

Thank you for working so hard for Nova server...sure not many tell you that. Just many have been frustrated for so long - but hopefully as changes come it will all work for everyone.
I pay half what US players do, and I'm from Belgium. Now Belgium is part of Europe, but it surely has no lower quality of life/income compared to the US. I do agree with amherst that it is completely unfair I pay half she pays.
just a reminder, we are still waiting for some answers on this.
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