New bracket

So there is a new 81-90 bracket can u guys throw linda ved Pandor in those for ratings and the rest of us can fight it out in the 71-80 bracket for our ratings.. cause seeing them get so many points is impossible to beat and they win every week
fight harder noob
In 71-80 bracket, each win gives +5 point in Arena, as I know... The same is for 81-90

They take first places, cause they win more, but not because of higher points...
-MVP-, lmao
OPTIMUS PRlME, I'm saying they get are in arena every hour of the day.. I applaud their work ethic but let's get real no one in the 71-80bracket is getting so many points and probably can't since there is 40+ extra ppl here than in theirs
i would vote to just get rid of the rankings all together. It would eliminate a huge amount of cheating that goes into winning them. Granted it is not cheating to live in arena. But we all know there are some that BC other people's alts to gain points. Also, it is most frustrating that some live in arena, and would like nothing more than to run others out of arena (thus making earning gold next to impossible). Without the rankings and rewards, the idea of living in arena would be less appealing.

Though yes, to gain as much valor as the high levels need to rank, it will continue to be that way for a while. But maybe they would be willing to step aside for a break while others get a chance to get some gold.
OPTIMUS PRlME, yes 5pts--aoh win, 10--7b
You know what? I finally understood why it is impossible for me to play this game any further. It consumes way toooooooo much of my time. That's it. If I could spend like no more than an hour of my time per day, I would be still playing. Here, however, I need to play at least 4-5 hours per day (if I am not donating hard, of course) to be more or less successful. Make conclusions of your own if you wish. But it is really a problem for all players except some, maybe.
The situation with ranking points is but one edge of this dodecaedron of problems caused by the time one need to spend here. Whatever rep you are working, whatever arena you do, even if you fight mobs - 1 hour is absolutely not enough.
isnoogood, I don't think anyone needs to play for 4-5 hours a day to be a successful player.

Here's my thoughts for those that want to know how:

- You can sail without paying too much attention for free orange pots, a huge bonus for those of us that don't want to play for hours straight, but can pop in for 2 minutes at time to move a ship.

- You could also just log on every 2nd day, chase garuug (no exp) until you have enough reals for upgrades. So you don't even need to hop daily to do it. Why is there a rush to anything in DE? What is the point in being capped? Take your time, and stop trying to compete with the ones willing to play 4-5 hours a day.

- DE admin has done a pretty good job with the updates so now anyone can play pretty much PVP free, if they wanted to, and still be able to progress in every single rep except BC. BC rep is not required to be the best in the game, and certainly takes lots of reals to buy stuff for anyway, but you can get it free. It would take 1 friend to get AOH or 7B going, you can get free spheres weekly from the skrag achievement, or up to 10 a day from Fort Giard (if you did have time to play, it takes me about 30 minutes to get 1 sphere without using any buffs but with a friend it is much faster).

- SB is another option for BC rep and heroism, which also usually has no gear damage. Even if you log on only 3 times a week for garuug + 1 hour a week for SB (and use hop!), you could easily afford to play what you wanted (without using reals) for as many hours as you wanted.

It's all about what you look at and what your goals are. If your goal is to make it to level 90 quickly, yes you need 4-5 hours a day. But that goal is completely unnecessary for the average player.

Confrontation is also unnecessary for the average player to even look at. The amount of gold/reals you have to spend to win enough points is rarely worth what you get in the chests, unless you already would spend hours in aoh, then the weekly ratings is just a bonus.
Storm Kat, I know all this. But if one likes a single player mode, why bother playing an online game?
Also, if you want to sail, you need a clan with ships. And being in a clan involves certain obligations at least of a moral sort, which makes you play more, and more, and more...
laker, i think my advice is still the best
-MVP-, I never listen to you tbh
isnoogood, I can get you ship access, no strings attached, that’s an easy fix. But I get your point, solo does defeat a lot of the fun in DE. Still it does not take 4-5 a day to play pvp style unless you are solely doing it for confrontation.

Oops, alt stole post (Storm Kat here)
Storm Kat,

you just outlined exactly what is wrong with the game now, "DE admin has done a pretty good job with the updates so now anyone can play pretty much PVP free, if they wanted to, and still be able to progress in every single rep except BC. " The Admin has now made the game so easy, it is boring. We used to get to sail and fight for two mines per island, Then we had a few islands, so we had to fight to keep them, now we have so many, there is not fighting, and you can mine for almost two days uninterpreted.

your outline of how you can just kick back and gather reals from garuug, and sail to gather free pots, and get a friend to let you get bc rep (though that sounds a lot like rigging fights), does leave out a few critical reps (hero, protector, skellie, undead, Adan, and a few crafting reps, so there maybe a bit of a hole in your plan. You also leave out war (where people should be getting heroism, valor, and bc rep). Pretty big piece.

Then you say do sea battles (my guess without any reps, buffs, food, balm, since you cannot make any), cuz there is no gear damage. But without the buffs and reps, then those that work hard end up having to help carry the weight of those that don't really give a $#*& if they win or lose. It would be way more fun for all involved, if people who when to sea had level appropriate buffs (covers, balm, food, etc.). not some level 50 with level 26 covers.

All sound advise i am sure. But you are right, you don't have to spend 5 hours a day here, but it does take a bit of dedication to get good enough to stay effective. And yea, you can offer lots of clans and boats to people, not all of us own so many clans (maybe you should give some back to active players and let them grow the clan).

I am not expecting everyone to be the top of the game (lord knows I am not either), but the game should be about doing your best. Best to help yourself, best to help your clan. If you are clannless, there is nothing wrong with that (though you lose access war and to boats, but now that there are forts, maybe there should be access to pier and a boat to haul sydian back). You can build a great player without a clan, but yea, it will take a bunch more work to get alts to gather enough resources. Clan life is not bad. There are clans that never war, so there is less pressure to produce of buffs.

Again, the point of DE was a PvP game. Taking all the PvP away, just turns us into farmville. and that game already exists.
This is a very rare moment but i kind of agree with amherst (yes it hurts me to say that) but no pvp does make the game boring and more pvp would be fun. But the problem is the game is massivlyy pay to win favored in pvp if you dont have time to play for hours on end. In my honest opinion they should remove reals all together and have everything buyable for gold. Or have reals not have such a massive impact on the game
Amherst, My point was against the idea that you MUST play 4-5 hours a day to succeed. I certainly have much more fun when I can dedicate the time to play 2-3 hours a day, but to those that log on and play for only a few hours (be it for an SB or War, or even only Shaab, whatever part they enjoy), I encourage them to continue to only log in every now and then. I believe guards are doing everything possible to fix confrontation already, and therefore have hope that will contribute to higher participation on a weekly basis to all PVP events.
Storm Kat,

and while i agree that you don't have to play 4-5 hours, the idea you are ready for sea with 1 hour a day, is a bit misleading. It takes time and effort to get ready for sea or war, that is, to win and gain heroism. You need reps, crafting, resources, etc. to get truly prepared for those types of battles.

You were saying to sail on a boat, and collect free pots. While yes you can do that, it is still not really going to make a huge difference.

Now you say : "I believe guards are doing everything possible to fix confrontation already, and therefore have hope that will contribute to higher participation on a weekly basis to all PVP events." so which is it? Are they getting rid of PVP or fixing things for more PvP? I am confused now.

Again, DE is supposed to be PvP. But too many have left, so now they keep making the game easier and easier. They don't punish those that cheated more than a few months ago, yet now, rules are supposed to be followed. We can not get changes that might actually encourage people to try to get reps and grow. We cannot get lottery to allow us to get back on more equal footing with those that have the rewards.

We have far too many people making comments and demands, yet they are not actively playing the game (shocking to see how many comment in forums yet, have zero or low conf points). So maybe they just take your prior advise and play an hour.
Amherst, I am sorry to have to disagree with your misinterpretation of my statement (again). I did not claim what I was writing was the only way to play in any way shape or form. I was very much pointing out HOW it could be done, not saying at all that everyone can or should do it. As I wrote "for those that want to know". You obviously don't want to know my opinion on anything, so don't read it :)

Simply because YOU wish to dictate when and where and how people play does not mean anyone needs to play your way. Just as NO ONE needs to play how I presented as an OPTION here, but it is completely possible to advance, slowly, and still be successful, without cashing. And for the FEW that are willing to do that, I fully support them.

The change to SB absolutely encourages most people to grow and get reps. Your attitude towards it is a negative one, because your attitude is always negative. I hope for more positive, happy, fun players to join and fill the ranks now that YOU can not control the teams.

Just because 1 character does not have confrontation points does not mean the person is inactive. They could easily be playing on alts and it would be none of your business, so stop being so judgemental about it.

This game was broken by bullies and cheats and it is going to have the chance to be active again when people realize the bullies and cheats are gone and the game can be played by new folks now. Hopefully it's just not too late.

And again, a THANK YOU TO GUARDS for all the hard work. You've been amazing, and far too often abused, for doing your jobs. Keep it up please, DE needs you.
Storm Kat,

i think it is you that is mistaken, while i agree you do not have to play 4-5 hours a day, I do disagree that if you play 1 hour, you will be ready for sea battle. I think most here would agree that sea battles are for a full out fight.

You are also mistaken, I have never dictated how people play. I have asked that they get ready for sea battle (since it is win or get nothing). At the same time, no one could control teams before the change. Some tried with hexes and such, but I never played that way.

While you are entitled to your option, i feel that in order to be fair, it was valid for me to point out that your opinion had some gaps in it. It is not meant to seem like I am negative. I just wanted to point that by skipping other reps, you will lack balance.

I do also agree we need to play fair and encourage new players. But if suggestions are one sided, then it seems like other options should be pointed out.

Each person get's their own ideas on how best to play. Can a toon grow slowly by playing 1-2 hours, of course. But one must be careful to stay balanced. Just running sea will not do it. If one wants to play the long game, i completely support that idea (and yes, i know many that do that method).

This is not a personal attack on you Kat. this is simply that taking all the PvP out of the game is not the best idea in my opinion.
Amherst, My advice was directed to, and based on, the people that wanted to only play a couple hours a week and still succeed without spending money and (in this case) he is already level 68.

You seem to be encouraging him to quit because he could not possibly meet YOUR requirements for queueing if he only played a few hours a week.

My point is showing how he could have fun with just 3 hours a week. Agreed, not the most fun possible, but if that was all he was doing, he'd at least be playing. Hopefully after a few weeks/month of that he'd want to play more because it would be even better to have more gold for more than just one event.

My point was to find at least one thing about the game you truly enjoy (In my case, I have 3; friends, SB, and wars) and focus on doing that at least once a week. Having taken breaks myself from the "hours every day" routine of DE, I know for fact that the longer you stay offline, the harder it is to come back. Logging in every 2-3 days for garuug alone can make it much easier to return to being active one day. I would hate to lose another player because no one helped him see he can be a fun part of the game without the time requirements he felt were too much.
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