Outpost attacks

Does anyone know why the outpost attacks are now a closed fight. They have always been open before. It is impossible to win for weaker players. Thanks for any help
I will let him know and see if he can fix it.
Have you used the help of five defenders? They do all work...
I only see two prisioners and they are not much help
yep , i can back that. Defiantly not 5 helpers available.
deffinitely here the 5 defender. at least i see them, and all should, because:

OPTIMUS posted it in outpost description. very sad that ppl not read and after complain about bugs....
He take time for us and make guides. at least respect his efforts and visit his site about it.
read the bottom of his post. there he talks about the outpost attacks with screenshot of all 5 defenders where to find
Sydeste, next time show ur gold/reals
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