Expected date for Mixed Sea Battles?

Can we get one?
Seriously, week after week we log on, try SB just to find it's not mixed..... and then you have more complaints about alts posted.
We know it "will" happen, right? Haven't changed your mind?
Please stop wasting our buffs on tests and tell us when it's happening and get it done.
I think when it is held , an advertisement in the forum should be there . So dont waste your time and buff unless you see it . And that is what im asking too . ( the expected date )
Here SB-s don't start even in wed / sat ? Where do you get heroism ? o_O
Just some facts to share - we have 9 people on server with heroism capped. 1 is admin, 3 are inactive. We need more heroism, so please get mixed battles going asap.

OPTIMUS PRlME, wars and far too many hours spent begging people to join SB

Then littles join and get http://dragoneternity.com/forum/drako/13168.html (and that's just one of many many posts)
OPTIMUS PRlMEHere SB-s don't start even in wed / sat ? Where do you get heroism ? o_O
We pushed for years to be part of TERRA.
Admins terra write not unite. We thank for war this server ))
SB mixed fast 95% of players here need corsair rep and me and others will need 5 kills on SB for neph quest , so please DO IT
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