Please Please fix this bug before shaab event

Posting here to hope more people will report and get admin to fix this!!!! Anyone locked on ships will not be able to group for the shaab event to collect pages for omnis and possible damage for eye. This really needs to be fixed quickly. So please, if you or any of your alts are having the problem, use the bug report, email tech, and if you have player on Terra please let them know we're suffering.
Fixed the level 37 alt for another player 2 days ago, but I'm still stuck with it.

Chill of Blight Trying my own way (thanks Odin for the suggestion!!!) Let's see if the forced removal from groups for Defilers fixes this.

By the way, for those that care, I am going to try very hard to be here for the level 70s that need to kill defilers. All I ask in exchange is that non-defilers use the resurrection glyphs so I can get much BC rep this event...... all I need is the boss to let me out of work early Wish me luck!
Storm Kat,

Sorry that sucks they haven’t fixed it. That’s just ridiculous
And now I can't even log on
Alts are fine, but admin took out my main (authentication error) during the shaab event??????? I have the defiler quest, I need to spend my entire day in arena to finish it..... and I can't even log on. It's been 2 hours already
5 hours now, can't log on.
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