Please give cookies and hugs to Dragonblade

Sigh...I must be overtired and not thinking straight but....I have a soft spot in my heart for the little trouble making draggy.

So while I have leave of my senses...please go ahead and shower her with hugs and all kinds of sweets....UNTIL I get my coffee and my brain starts working again
therefore I should keep the coffee away from her so I can keep getting hugs and sweets
Pets the db , more and more pets ^^
Then locks the sweets ups after tuck tuck :D

Surprisingly clan just bought me my own personal coffee brewmaster 1000. I wonder why
Hugs Dragonblade, gives her a
and a to Nurse
Nurse Ratched,
Only fresh coffee for the lovely lady :)
I feel like even my clan is against me.....
Pets the db and gives cuddles :D nonono
Awwwwww little DB.

everythings all good now....I got my coffee! Back to me forum banning you from ALL sweets when you misbehave!!!!

so you better be good!
dragonblade, It's a long weekend! You can pig out on brownies and cookies and bounce off walls with me!
see Kat gets me.....sugar fans for life! nurses you should be banned from coffee if I'm banned from sugar just for solidarity....and you know suffering together

Do you really want the wrath of Nurse by denying me my coffee??? You know how cranky I get

plus clan dont call me Pbrat for no reason. So lets not go down that road - it would save all of DE from pain and agony.

and I only said "when you misbehave"...if you are a good little draggy then no sweets ban!

HUGS hun
Nurse Ratched, " for no reason "... would you like a list? I can ask kingmp to get on that asap

dragonblade, SB with me! I had fun today, pouncing all over the ships
I am always behaving!
Storm Kat, nooooo....cant tarnish my "princess" reputation in all of DE

dragonblade, fibbing!
my coffee stash went who did that?
it wasn't know I would just replace it with decaf

Blashphemy!!!! There is no such thing as decaf!
but it says doesn't it make it real? or at least ....fake coffee?

Doesn't matter. The point is.....NO MESSING WITH MY COFFEE!!!!

I mean do you really want me detoxing and then getting extra cranky??
if its for your health then I will suffer through your crankiness
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