I normally don't post things on here but today is a special day, so I nominate today as pick on laker day.. he loves it!!!
give him all you got :)
hmmmmm.....let me think on this a bit
dont u know im too awesome to get picked on? everyone loves me
laker, delusional. When will you ever learn our little zerk B O Y.
delusional? im so awesome that i tell simon what to do...
Dear....your reality check has bounced again. Stop overdrawing
oooh that was a good one.... so where did u get that from?
all on my seem to bring out the best sarcasm in me

PS: torlings still not showing up....GO SHOWER!
Laker is a great guy... don't worry about them noobslaker
sooo shady.....very very shady.
ill shower if someone like a professional nurse joined me... if not then no torlings for us all!!
proof1, thank you my friend you're awesome aswell ^^
Laker its OK to to be small size doesn't matter after all you are laker the master baker
thelastpaladin, wtf... i called u here to help me not to tell me that what matters is the motion in the ocean
besides if we were all in a room and i.... yea il keep that one to pm's
laker, I don't think you can handle that motion laker... its a bit to complicated for your brain to handle
i mastered my craft so much that i was nicknamed aqua man
ohhhh snap!
haha, yeah right, more like limp stick
we all know that Aqua Man was the worst DC super hero made up.....step up your game BOY.
Nurse Ratched, that still means im a super hero cant go wrong with that
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