Authentication Error

Been a while since a big crash. Is this it? hopefully repair costs will be minimal ">
whooie! glad i decided not to chase after garuug or do my hop... spared me a lot of lost gold... this time

Wait for me!

I'm waiting lol

On another note, for those of us in the US or Canada, a meteor shower will be starting in approximately 45min. It will be coming from a northern constellation. So everyone go outside!!!!!!!!!!
wow, thanks!!! I would have missed it
great~ this again
that means i can't do my hop with the garuug spoils~
and i'm out tomorrow whole day~ woo hoo~ great job~
wow really, thanks for telling me lol game isn't working so might as well do something else
peak time is between 2am and 4am EST.
Oh dear

Here we go again
... yippie! Meh, too tired to care.... lets just get drunk and plot dominion of the world (black_beer)
fuqu authentication error
I'm having it as well
It seems to be character specific as I cannot log in with Ironic but I can with my alt
Nor am I having any issues logging into other servers
Doing a tracert has no issues which I would expect it not too since I can login on other characters. Will email in a F12 on Ironic just to see if that does anything.
its because the characters that are having issues are stuck on the server it appears, when looking at my character profile it says im still online
wonder how long it will be done im sure the admin are very upset that we cant play anyone want to buy a nice golden bridge selling it cheap
I wonder knowing how fast admin work does this mean everyone that declared for a war tomorrow is going to have to pay when game starts up monday
Yea same issue here nothing zilch and its Friday night

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