Maybe if you don't want insulting gifts

instead of just deleting posts, why not actually answer some of the questions, or better yet, write up the actual rules so we know what to expect, and then enforce them? Just deleting posts people write shows a real lack of concern of the customers of the game. Some of us still play this game.

You should remove the NASTY ones. It is EXACTLY the point of them btw....Such as the Add-on Brain, I believe this is the only one that the receiver cannot drop. and if you are talking about posts in forum, then you have that power already, stop threatening, and just enforce the rules. That is actually part of the issue here, the rules are only sometimes enforced, and it depends too much on which guardian we get on a given day. How about instead, we write a full list of the rules/law and then actually enforce them? Rather than leaving it up to "I heard from one person this is ok, but that is not ok" kind of rules?

So, maybe instead of worrying about gifts, the Guardians should focus on getting the server ADMIN or whoever can help back online and helping? Maybe?

or if not, maybe create a full list of the rules (why can we use alts to help with an elite vs hero boss)?

much of the issue is, we are left with only arguing and insulting people because the game has become so broken it is no longer playable. And don't tell me the admin is on vacation, he is posting and fixing stuff on Terra.

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