Every now and then, Tartu is visited by the famous merchant Melvin who comes from afar to trade his exotic goods.

Melvin's arrival is announced with a banner in the upper part of the screen. Don't miss it, or you'll have to wait for Melvin's next visit!

Here are some of the goods Melvin kindly offers:

Marks of Weakness that forbid your current enemy to change opponents for several rounds and also reduces enemy's Health. Amulets of Replication that summon your Replicant into battle. Charms of Durability that reduce durability loss by half when you are defeated in a battle.


Scrolls of Stone Skin that reduce damage taken by your Mount for 1 hour. Dragon Food that increases your Dragon's Characteristics.

Ultimate Orbs of Vampirism, Strength, and Courage as well as Ultimate Orbs of Dragon Fury for your winged companion. 


Blue Parcels.


Bonecrusher, Hero of the Empire, Conqueror and Corsair Caskets (Reals only);


• Potions: Flawless and Ultimate Elixirs of Mana, Ultimate Elixirs of Life and Endurance.

• Ultimate Glyphs.


• Countless artifacts: Dragon Ambrosia, Kandelas of Elements, Clan Artifacts.


• Phials.


You can find Melvin on the Winery Crossroads. Don't miss your chance, though. Melvin's visits are brief and there's a long wait between them! Hurry to purchase everything you need before Melvin and his faithful ram Rambah leave with unsold goods!