Conqueror's Casket

Required level 9
Item type Room


Inside you are guaranteed to find Nosferatu orbs corresponding to your reputation "Conqueror of the Seven Bridges":
- from 300 to 600 Sample Orb of Nosferatu or Lesser Orb of Nosferatu
- from 250 to 500 Simple Orb of Nosferatu
- from 200 to 400 Powerful Orb of Nosferatu
- from 150 to 300 Flawless Orb of Nosferatu
- from 100 to 200 Great Orb of Nosferatu
- from 60 to 120 Ultimate Orb of Nosferatu
- from 45 to 90 Exceptional Orb of Nosferatu
With a significant probability, you will receive an additional Scroll of Dissipation.
And if you are lucky, one of the elements of the collection is of the Unstoppable or of the Imperious Conqueror.

The item can be purchased from Melvin. After the expiration of the lifetime will turn into Lost Conqueror's Casket, which can be restored for 5.00.