Conqueror's Casket

Required level 10
Item type Room


A Treasure Chest that can be purchased from Melvin the Merchant during a special Event.
Inside, you are guaranteed to find Orbs of Nosferatu according to your Conqueror of Seven Bridges Reputation:
- 300 to 600 of Sample Orb of Nosferatu or Lesser Orb of Nosferatu
- 250 to 500 of Simple Orb of Nosferatu
- 200 to 400 of Powerful Orb of Nosferatu
- 150 to 300 of Flawless Orb of Nosferatu
- 100 to 200 of Great Orb of Nosferatu
- 60 to 120 of Ultimate Orb of Nosferatu
- 45 to 90 of Exceptional Orb of Nosferatu
You have a high chance of additionally getting Scroll of Dissipation.
With some luck, you will also find one of the elements of the Uncontrollable or Imperious Conqueror collections.