Holiday Events offer you a chance to take part in breathtaking adventures. Fight monsters you've never seen before, get your hands on some unique items and equipment, cast holiday-themed spells - and don't forget to have fun. After all, that's what holidays are for!
• Each year, Christmas Adventures open yet another chapter in the eternal struggle between the inhabitants of Adan and the evil giant Trug who wants nothing more than to ruin Christmas for everyone.
• During the Night of the Great Dragons, when darkness engulfs Adan, brave warriors are the last line of defense against the undead hordes and the only hope that the ritual of Great Dragon Awakening will be performed in time.
• Day of Dragon Love is a rare opportunity to lay your weapons aside, forget about battle and conflict and simply enjoy life with your loved ones.


Christmas Adventures

When the year draws to an end, Tartu is visited by Grandfather Frostmir who brings joy, laughter and festive mood to every house. Frostmir's task is vast: delivering presents to every man, woman and child in Adan. No one can do it alone, so he call his friends for help! While Frostie the Dragon flies over Adan, making a list of its inhabitants, the beautiful Snowflake, Mistress of Lairycawns, looks after her clumsy helpers as they create presents and decorations for the holiday.

It's hard to believe, but even such a great guy as Grandfather Frostmir has enemies! The disgruntled golem Trug the Ice Breath had a terrible run-in with Frostmir and ever since then attempts to spoil the fun for everybody. Seeing how many people support Frostmir, Trug has created an army of his own. Ugly Durgs follow their evil master's every order, ready to do anything at his behest. For the celebrations to take place, warriors of Adan will have to unite against the mighty Trug and his army of ice creatures.

Snowflake needs your help! Trug the Ice Breath, once a friend and now an arch-nemesis of Frostmir, is attempting to ruin Christmas for everyone! Trug's mindless servants, the ice Durgs, have broken into warehouses of Sadar and Vaalor and stolen the holiday decorations! They didn't even spare the main Christmas Tree on Winery Crossroads!

If you don't do anything about it, holiday's as good as canceled. Frostie the Dragon won't add people to his list whose houses and holiday trees aren't decorated, and that means no presents for them from Grandfather Frostmir! And what is a Christmas without presents?

Fortunately, the thieves are overconfident, walking around Tartu openly and proud of themselves, scaring common folk as if the foul robbery wasn't enough. Our brave warriors should punish the Durgs for this insolence and return the stolen decorations to their rightful owners.


For the celebrations to take place, warriors of Adan have to return 370 000 Crystal Garlands , Sparkling Tinsel and Christmas Tree Baubles.

After you learn about Christmas celebrations in Adan during the Happy Holidays Quest, you will receive an Amber Hood of Snows.

Complete the recurring Christmas Decorations Quest to receive Gifts from Snowflake that contain super special Christmas Consumables with all kinds of awesome effects.


Warriors who collect 1000 Decorations and complete the Gift for the Savior of Holiday Quest will earn Snowflake's blessing and receive a Cuirass of Snow Warrior (for players of levels 10-39) or Snow Conqueror (for players of level 40+). New armor is notable not only for its great battle characteristics and looks, it also allows its wearer to use a special type of magic, the Popper Strike. 


Thanks to the warriors of Tartu, the Christmas Tree has been decorated properly for the celebration! But for some reason, Snowflake looks even more tense than before... Why? Here's what happened: after Grandfather Frostmir put the Christmas gifts under the tree, someone stole them! Imagine how surprised Frostmir and Snowflake where when they learned that the thieves are none other but their loyal Lairycawns who were charmed with the Spell of Irrepressible Greed. Of course, you can guess who stands behind this. Fortunately, there's an easy way to lift the Spell of Irrepressible Greed: confused lairycawns will be more than happy to part with the stolen if you give them a good beating.

Warriors of Adan have to obtain 150 000 Gifts to make sure that no inhabitant of Tartu is left without one on Christmas Night.


Grandfather Frostmir has prepared an ample supply of Gifts, so you can continue to "rehabilitate" the Lairycawns even after the goal is reached. Warriors acquire 1000 Gifts will receive Leggings of Snow Warrior or Snow Conqueror as a reward from Snowflake.



Blinded by anger and jealousy, Trug makes one final attempt to destroy the celebration. Enraged by constant failures of his minions, the golem decides to take the matters into his own hands. Trug believes that he has no rivals and seeks an open battle; he is so sure of himself that he even warned Grandfather Frostmir of his intention to come and steal the main Christmas Tree. This Tree is the symbol of the holiday and without its symbol, there isn't going to be any holiday.

Grandfather Frostmir calls upon brave warriors to make a stand against Trug and prevent the monster from executing his dark plan.

This isn't going to be easy, but Christmas is at stake! As strange as it sounds, but the battle with the frost giant is expected to be very... hot. Trug is enormous and his power incredible, so it takes three stages to defeat him: first, the warriors will have to chop off his gigantic legs, then the mighty arms and only after that will they finally face Trug's head. Warriors who take part in all three battles will receive a generous reward from Grandfather Frostmir - the Hood of Snow Warrior or Snow Conqueror. This elegant holiday headwear will not only boost your defense and make you look good but will also allow you to use a new combat Spell - the Blizzard.


Christmas Sale

When the Christmas Adventures come to an end, Melvin the Merchant dresses up as Grandfather Frostmir and opens his stand in the usual place on the Winery Crossroads!  

Since Christmas is a special time, the goods Melvin offers are different from what he usually brings. For instance, you can purchase special Class Armor that can be further upgraded by using red Marks, also available from Melvin during the Christmas Sale. Elements of Christmas Armor grant the ability to use special enchantments, which you can effectively complement by equipping Ice Weapons. Of course, Christmas isn't all about weapons and armor. Melvin also brings a huge selection of Potions, Elixirs, Orbs and super delicious holiday snacks!




In addition to Melvin's good, you can also find three special items in the Gift Shop: the Modest gift, Elegant gift, and Desired gift. Locate them by clicking the Gifts button in the Shop menu.


Sharing is caring, right? When you present the special Gifts to your friends, you're presenting not only your feelings but also a chance for your friends to find something valuable in the Christmas boxes!

Night of the Great Dragons

This Event is available for players of level 9+.

Once a year, when October draws to an end, a dark and evil time comes to Adan as Eldior the Ruler of Life, Aeona Mother of Eternity and Velet the Lord of Death sink into a deep peaceful sleep, leaving Adan without their care and protection. As soon as the eyes of vigilant Velet close, spirits of the dead run wild, trying to break out of the Halls of Peace and into the world of the living.

While common folk laugh, dance and exchange gifts, Velet's Vigilant Guards, the Necromancers, work without rest, protecting Tartu from nightmarish hordes. It is also a troublesome time for the Imperial soldiers as they stand tall, fighting off an undead invasion: Vampires, Succubi, Skeletars and Mummies band together to drown Adan in terror.

If the sleep of the Great Dragons lasts too long, the work of the Necromancers and the soldiers will be in vain, and the undead will take over the world of the living forever.

Quests During the Night of the Great Dragons

In order to protect Adan from the undead hordes, warriors of Tartu have to assist the charming Necromancer Ani-Dahlia in performing the Rite of Awakening that will help the Great Dragons awake and restore order to their dominion.

To do so, you will have to complete the Necromancer's Quests, some of which are Recurring and can be taken multiple times. 

For completing Recurring Quests and Collections, players will receive Gift Pumpkins that contain characteristic-increasing holiday Candy, death-bringing Brooms and - if you're lucky - a Pumpkin Seed: 


Gift Pumpkins can also be acquired as a trophy by taking part in the fierce battles in the Arena of Honor and on the Seven Bridges of Shadan.

Great Night Collections

One of Ani-Dahlia's Quests requires you to gather the four Great Night Collections: the Succubus, Vampire, Guardian's Mummy and Dawn Skeletar. You can acquire elements of these Collections by fighting respective undead monsters that infiltrated Tartu.

Monster  Name
Location Collection
Succubi Outskirts of Vaalor City
Village of Landor
Aldorian Road
Crystal Meadow
Vampires Outskirts of Sadar City
Fort Giard
Helgar's Brewery
Vaalor Harbor

Mummies Watermill
Caldiur Lighthouse
Pond of Tribulation
Port of Sadar

Skeletars Eldiren's Farmstead
Faltanar's Apiary
Mines of Tagol
Strekade Nests

After completing Ani-Dahlia's Awakening Under Threat Quest, you will be able to complete each of these Collections once. When one of the Collections is complete, its elements are no longer dropped as trophies.

By gathering the four Great Night Collections and adding a Pumpkin Seed to them, you will receive the fifth Collection, Archlantern of Awakening 

The main ritual lantern will help the Great Dragons awaken, Tartu's longest night will be over, and you will receive a Pumpkin Helm:


          Maritar the Black Heart

As the Night of the Great Dragons draws nigh, Maritar the Black Heart leaves his abode in the Halls of Peace and comes to the Western Graveyard with his minions - Vampires, Succubi, Mummies and Skeletars - to amass a great army of the undead and destroy the Archlantern of Awakening.


If you do not want to be left without the protection of the Great Dragons, help them awaken - but know it's not going to be easy. Battle with Maritar the Black Heart promises to be a real challenge as this sly enemy is able to summon countless hordes of undead to his aid.


After beating Maritar, warriors of Tartu will receive different characteristic-increasing holiday Candy as well as the Undead Exterminator - a special weapon that will allow you to make short work of the undead hordes.

Day of Dragon Love

This romantic celebration lasts for three days, from February 13 to February 15.

At the heart of this holiday is a tragic love story of the Dragons Valentar and Aehlynea, a story so ancient that many consider it nothing more than a beautiful tale.

Be that as it may, the Holiday of Dragon Love is still a perfect opportunity to the best opportunity to express your feelings towards your significant other – or start a new romantic relationship. There is a number of ways to do it during this holiday.

• The Festive section of the Gift Shop  contains Valentine Cards. Send 10 of these to warriors of opposite gender to receive a gift from Lady Lardiana. Each Card that you present might also improve your chance of dodging enemy attacks. Also, the Elf has prepared Gifts for those who receive 10 Valentine Cards from other players.

• Among other new amazing Gifts there are special Holiday Sets available for purchase in the Shop. Recipient of such a Gift will not only enjoy your attention, but also the  orange and red quality Consumables that the Sets contain.


• The Loving Heart Arkam is added to the Artifacts section of the Shop. Use it on team members of opposite gender to restore their Health and help them survive in a tight battle. 

Legend of Valentar and Ailynea

This tragic story of love unfolded in the ancient times, during the First Great War against Shaab. The Water Dragoness Ailynea was ambushed and enslaved by Shaab's twisted allies, the Tangors. Becoming an obedient puppet of the Dark Gods, Ailynea was forced to fight against her own kin. In a cruel twist of fate, in her first battle she faced her beloved Air Dragon Valentar. No matter how hard he tried, Valentar couldn't break the spell that imprisoned Ailynea.

Unable to harm his only love, Valentar stopped fighting and fell, struck down by the Dragoness, into a volcano called Falarius. As he drowned in lava, his words and pleas finally got through the charms that possessed Ailynea. Fragments of memories flashed before her eyes as she fought the evil magic. Finally, the Tangor spell broke, and Ailynea was free once again. But as she realized that her beloved fell by her own hand, she couldn't bear the grief and dove into the same volcano to share Valentar's faith.

They say that ever since that day, each dawn in that places comes with a mysterious fog that takes the shape of two Dragons that remained true to each other until their last breath.