Vampire Scepter

Required level 9
Item type Hex


Casts the Vampire Guise that changes the appearance of your Character.
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes - 5 hours 20 minutes.
Can be used only outside combat.
Can't be used on a target that already has a different disguise.
Scepter can be acquired by opening the Gift Pumpkin, received for completing Ani-Dahlia's Quests during the Night of the Great Dragons.

how do you use this thing?">
its funny it doesn't tell ya how... just in your backpack taken up space....
how do you use it?
This game isnt real good at explaining how things work (wicked_pumpkin)
You click on the three bars across from there name in the near tab (bottom right) and select hex. Then pick the one you want to use.