deleterubbish bin

Could a rubbish bin be added to dump unwanted/excess quest items, etc that can't be sold or not worth selling, or a delete function?, please. Having so few slots and so many quest/collection items could at least have one or the other not be counted i...

Mana to Health after battle

once combat is over, convert your leftover mana into health via some form of healing spell, so that the wait between combats is reduced.


either sort them out or take them out of the game, I had 1, a level 15 and a couple of others against just me, is that fair?, only good thing is I beat it but lost to the rest.

Experienced Potions and Valor Potions

i hope you guys gonna make the Experienced Potions(can be use on hunting mobs), and Valor Potions(can be use on Arena or bridges)

Bugs section

Be able to add a screenshot of any repeatable bug.


We get reduced xp for killing below our level, how about increased xp for hitting above?.


I would suggest doing away with gear breaks. Although the money spent on repairing gear insures that your company makes money, doing away with gear breaks means that as players get better gear they then post on the auction house for large prices.. Th...

Quick commands for chat

can you please create quick commands for chat. Something like Ctr + W for world chat. Ctr + R to reply to tell and Ctrl + T + player name for tells. This will make talking easier while doing battle. Any variation would work, it would just make the ga...

drops, potions and other things

Would it be possible to have mana potions and to put mana and life potions in drops?, also some better and more frequent drops, some people go between 4 and 8 hours without a drop, besides quest items.
Also what are the bottles of red paint suppose...

World Chat

The main chat only shows players near you so one-sided conversations often appear because only one of the players is nearby.

Possibly add a third tab or a check box for world chat.

Arena, Bridge and Tournament

Would it be possible to even out any fight, it seems unfair for 4 people to be on one side and only 1 on the other, besides being outnumbered the solo player could be outranked 4 times, lol, 1 v 1 ok, 2 v 2 ok if total levels on both sides are within...

Avalance secondary effect

The avalanche spell is currently the worst second spell in the game because it has no extra effect, just small damage. It needs to add an effect like +5% earth damage or -30% spell damage.
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