Spark of Inception

Item type Spark
Cost 18


A particle of Original Flame that burns in every living being. Required to learn new Spells or upgrade Spells already known. Can be obtained by slaying monsters and enemies of the Empire.

only got one give me one more day and i promise i will have 22 but i want something also they are not free!!!!!!!!!
if u need it go to the place
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does the chance to get them decreases with the lvl deference between you and the creature or is it constant for all?
how do u get them
i need 25 so please let me have it">">">">">">">">
That would get to be and would be to good use and useful
That would come and be very useful. INLOOOOVE with it!LOL
havockkit says they cost 18 copper i have way more than that!?!?!??! whats up with that
this is true wisdome what this guy is saying
just got 112 of these from lvl 5 plauge growl
The drop rate on these is retarded. Devs please increase the rate by 1% to 2% at least. I just killed about 80 mobs and didn't get a single drop.
i need some im going ">
I've gotten 4, Considering you need zoo many of them the do seem rather rare
were the heck can u buy them plzzz help me">">
wer the heck can u buy them plzzz help">">">">">
ill give you one
sickbaddy2i would like them i need 27">
27 gift me plzzzzzzz
what enemy/monster drops them most often?