Spark of Inception

Item type Spark
Cost 18


A particle of Original Flame that burns in every living being. Required to learn new Spells or upgrade Spells already known. Can be obtained by slaying monsters and enemies of the Empire.

i would like them i need 27">
i could use these
i need 21 of them
i need 21 please...
how do u use them
i need 22
wow just got 50 of them off a lvl 5 Plague grohl
i need 22 of them
it says they cost 18 copper i have way more than that!?!?!??! whats up with that
I need 27 badly PLEASE!!!!
i need 19 plzzzzzzzzzzz
kill mosters
I swear i have killed millions of monsters but i only have 2 (wtf)
I need 9 anybody want to send a gift?
It say's you can buy them but were
were can i find these
i need 11 please">">">">
need 27 i'd really appreciate it if you could spare one or two">">
i can use one
i need some help, i need 27 spark of inception