Spark of Inception

Item type Spark
Cost 18


A particle of Original Flame that burns in every living being. Required to learn new Spells or upgrade Spells already known. Can be obtained by slaying monsters and enemies of the Empire.

how u get?
hey im rly new and i need 27 but i dont know wat to do
how can you buy them???!!!
devin roseno way u cheatCrylillywow just got 50 of them off a lvl 5 Plague grohl

um acctuly the systems kinda like the lottery if ur lucky
u could get a lot of just about anythin
Oh wouldnt it be nice to have the spark of inception :)
How can i get some Ive fighting so many monsters and cant get any or i cant find a way to buy any
how do i get these?
at the auction
Ugh lol

i neeed some is anyone nice anof to gift me some?
i dont even no how 2 use this lol
i need 28 and i will give you 150 coins
200 coins
i will give you 200 copper
for 28
i will if you will to me
61s 90c