Clans of Adan are able to wage Clan Wars against each other. Immediately after its registration, every Clan receives a 2-week immunity period, during which Clan Wars cannot be declared on it. The Clan retains the option of declaring a War itself, but in doing so, it loses the immunity.


Only two Clans participate in a Clan War, regardless of the Empire they belong to. A Clan War can be declared on any Clan with the following exceptions:
Clans that are already engaged in a Clan War;
Clans that lost a Clan War and received a 7-day immunity;
Clans that haven't paid the contribution for losing the previous War.

Special conditions are in effect for the participants of a Clan War: 

 • When the War begins, your allied Clans can't change their roster, and you also can't make any changes to your Alliance (remove your current ally from the Alliance or accept another Clan into the Alliance).
Warriors in the Wraith state become visible to the members of the opposing Clan in the location's player list.
 Members of your Clan are highlighted green in the location's player list, whereas the opposing Clan members are highlighted red.
 Hidden paths leading from the Aldorian Road to the Port of Sadar and from the Caldiur Lighthouse to the Vaalor Harbor appear on the map, available for use by the members of the warring Clans.
 The world map shows the locations with members of your Clan on them. If you click on the green man icon, a list of all your Clan members in a certain location will drop down.
 From the moment of War declaration until its ending (in case of a defeat, until the contribution is paid in full), new members cannot be accepted into the Clan.
 During the War, it is forbidden to accept new members as well as remove current ones from the Clan.

Declaring a War and Surrendering

Clan members who possess the respective permission are allowed to declare Clan Wars by opening their profile's "Clan" section and choosing the "Diplomacy" tab. 

By typing in the name of the target Clan and clicking the "Declare War" button, you will announce the beginning of the War.

The War will start at 21:00 server time on the day following the declaration date. A War cannot last more than 4 hours.

The Clan that the War was declared on has a right to surrender (capitulate), but no later than 6 hours prior to the beginning of the War.

Goal of the Clan War is to earn more points than the opposing Clan by gathering and sacrificing Aspect Crystals.

Gathering the Aspect Crystals


Upon beginning of the War, the following places become visible to the members of the warring Clans:
15 Aspect Crystal extraction sites.
• Aspect Altars, installed on the Square of Storms and the Scarlet Square for citizens of Vaalor and Sadar respectively.

An Ark of Coercion that is required for carrying the gathered Aspect Crystals can be received at the Altar. Additionally, a Spell of Immunity that grants immunity to injuries for 4 hours can be purchased there for 75 silver pieces. Please note that it is possible to receive this spell even while under the effects of Aura of Peacefulness or Spell of Protection.

Aspect Crystal extraction sites are shown on the world map. It also provides information on whose Crystalier is currently working in a spot,  yours or the enemy's. One Clan can have no more than 10 Crystaliers simultaneously gathering Aspect Crystals.

To start gathering Aspect Crystals at an unoccupied site, the player needs to go to the respective location, click on the Crystal and choose a Crystalier in the pop-up window.

When Clans achieve new levels, more Crystalier types become available to them. More experienced Crystaliers differ only through their battle skills, the gathering rate for all Crystalier types is the same.

Collecting and Sacrificing Aspect Crystals

When a Crystalier finishes working, all of the Clan members receive a message stating how much Aspect Crystals have been gathered in the respective location. Thereafter Crystals should be picked up.

To do so, members of the warring Clan must take an Ark of Coercion from the Aspect Altar on their Empire's main square and head for the Aspect Crystal extraction site. 

The rules for using the Ark of Coercion are as follows:
• one player can carry only one Ark at a time;
• an infinite amount of Crystals can be put into the Ark, but they all must be of the same type.

Gathered resources are shown as a bag lying near the Aspect Crystal extraction site. To pick them up, the player has to go to the respective location and click on the bag.


If a member (or members) of the opposing Clan attacked your Crystalier and won, he will disappear from the extraction site. Nevertheless, if the Crystalier managed to acquire some Aspect Crystals before being defeated, the resources he gathered will be displayed as a bag and can be collected (as described above).

Members of the warring Clans can attack enemy Crystaliers, win over extraction sites and hire new workers for unoccupied sites only after picking up the Crystals extracted at the respective location.

Arks of Coercion containing Aspect Crystals should be brought to the respective Empire's main square and placed on the Aspect Altar. A warrior receives 5 Heroism points for every Aspect Crystal that he sacrifices on the Altar during the Clan War.

While carrying the filled Ark of Coercion, players cannot use portals, and moving between locations depletes their energy faster than usual.

If a player carrying the Ark of Coercion is attacked and defeated in battle, he loses his load irrevocably. To save the Crystals from the enemy, players are allowed to pass the Arks to their Clan members via the direct trade screen.

The score for sacrificing Aspect Crystals on the Altar is calculated as follows:
• each full set of three different Crystals earns 10 points;
• each Crystal that doesn't form a full set earns 1 point, regardless of its type.

For instance, if you have gathered 3 Sparkling, 4 Gleaming and 7 Opalesce Aspect Crystals, you will receive 30 points for three full Crystal sets (Sparkling + Gleaming + Opalesce) and 5 points for the remaining 1 Gleaming and 4 Opalesce Crystals that didn't make a set. In sum, you will receive 35 points.

An extraction site that is occupied by an enemy Crystalier can be taken over. To do so, players have to go to the location where the enemy Crystalier gathers resources, click on the occupied Aspect Crystal, choose their own Crystalier and attack the enemy worker. Members of the Clan whose Crystalier has been attacked will receive a warning so that they can come to his aid.

Clan whose Crystalier has been attacked will receive a warning so that they can come to his aid.

Battle for an Aspect Crystal cannot be closed, but only members of the warring Clans are allowed to interfere with it. If the Crystalier is defeated by the attacking player, it disappears from the location. Winners of the battle receive Heroism in addition to the Valor points.

In a battle for Aspect Crystals, the characteristics of all participants as well as their Dragons and Skeletars are increased to match those of a level 50 warrior. However, the relative strength of each warrior still depends on his or hers equipment. 

Battling the Opposing Clan

During a Clan War, members of the opposing Clan can be attacked in order to prevent them from attacking your Crystaliers or carrying Crystals to the Aspect Altar. 

There are two ways of attacking opposing Clan members: 
• attacking players who are not protected by Aura of Peacefulness or Spell of Protection with the use of Bonecrusher Spheres.
• using Clan Standards to attack any of the opposing Clan members, disregarding any protective effects, but such a battle will be fought under special rules.

To attack a member of an opposing Clan, you have to find him or her in the location's player list, open the character interaction menu (by clicking on the menu icon in the location's player list or left-clicking and holding the button on the target character name) and choose the "Clan Attack" option.

A screen will pop up that allows you to choose a Clan Standard which is required to perform a Clan Attack. You can use this same screen to buy a Standard, thereafter clicking "Use" to start the battle.


For the duration of the combat that was started by using a Clan Standard, characteristics of all the participants, Dragons and Skeletars included, are increased to those of a level 50 warrior but relative power of each character still depends on the quality of his equipment.

The Clan Standard of Nine is available to level 1 Clans. It allows to start a Clan Combat with a maximum of 9 warriors on each side. Upon achieving levels 2 and 3, Clans will receive the Clan Standard of Six and Three respectively that allow the corresponding number of combat participants.

A combat started with the use of a Clan Standard cannot be closed, but only the following players are allowed to interfere with it:
• members of the warring Clans;
• members of the Clans that are in Alliance with the warring sides.

The above-mentioned players are allowed to enter Clan Combats through the "Current Combats on Location" list and fight on their team's side without having to use additional Standards.

Winners of the combat that was started with the use of a Clan Standard receive Heroism in addition to the Valor points.


Upon achieving level 2, Clans are allowed to form an Alliance with one more Clan, so that its members could provide support should a Clan War start. No more than two Clans can be part of an Alliance.

A Clan member who possesses the respective permissions can invite another Clan to form an Alliance by opening the profile's "Clan" section and choosing the "Diplomacy" tab. By typing in a friendly Clan's name and clicking the "Invite" button, you will send your comrades an offer to form an Alliance.

Warrior of an allied Clan cannot attack enemy Crystaliers but are allowed to participate in battles that were started with the use of a Clan Standard.

Level 3 Clans can purchase the War Code in the Clan Shop, an artifact that significantly widens the options your allied Clan has in a Clan War. After they make the purchase, your allies will be able, with the use of a Clan Standard, to attack the Clan you are at war with.

When victorious in a Clan Combat, members of the allied Clan receive Heroism in addition to the Valor points.

Victory and Contribution

Clan is declared a winner if:

• it is first to earn 4000 points by sacrificing Aspect Crystals:
• upon the expiration of 3 hours it earned more points for sacrificing Aspect Crystals than the opposing Clan.

Winning Clan receives a 2-day immunity.

There are no draws in Clan Wars. If the Clans earn an equal amount of points, the Clan that declared the War is considered the loser.

Members of a Clan that lost a Clan War:
• are obliged to pay a Contribution to the winners which is calculated by the lowest Clan level of the two participating Clans: 15 for level 1, 50 for level 2 and 75 for level 3. If the Clan that declared the War loses, its Contribution is twice that number.
• are inflicted with a Seal of Defeat spell that decreases their damage and maximum health level.
• until the contribution is paid in full, are subject to a 10% tax on the money received in combat and resources gathered when using Professions. The tax goes to the winning Clan's treasury as contribution payments.

The Clan that lost a Clan War receives a 1-week immunity period, during which Clan Wars cannot be declared on it. It retains the option of declaring a Clan War itself (if the contribution has been paid in full), but in doing so, the Clan loses its immunity. 

As soon as the contribution is paid in full, the Seal of Defeat is lifted from the loosing Clan's members and the tax is no longer applied.

The warriors who contribute the most to their team's performance are bestowed with a Heroism bonus! To earn it, you either have to be in the top 5 of your team in damage or slain enemies. Please note that there are minimum requirements that have to be met in order for the bonus to be received. Warriors who reach the top 5 without meeting the requirements do not receive the bonus.