Casket of Retribution

Required level 10
Item type Room


Magic Chest, received as a gift from the Elder Dragons.
Inside you can find Gift of the Elder Dragons, candelas of the elements, "red" quality consumables - vials "Dragon's Breath", balms, grace food and, with high The probability is Ambrosia dragons for your level.
In addition, you are guaranteed to find one or more items of the collection "Treasures of Tarth" in the chest.
With a certain amount of luck, you can get wrath bracelet, as well as one of the elements of the collection "Fortune's Pet".

The chest can be obtained as a gift by buying 90.00 or 90 from a bank, also taking a prize in the weekly ranking of the confrontation in one of the three leagues. At the end of the lifetime will turn into The Lost Chest of Retribution, which can be restored for 5.00.