Dragon joinings

I would like to suggest that marriages between Dragons be made available. I am tired of mine pining away for Ragnarock and sending goats to her from him is getting expensive and he eats most of the flowers I attempt to send to her from him as well. Please let them mate. It is only fair. They should be happy too. I think it would be a great idea and would add more fun to the game. They could mate at Cape Wyvern and lay eggs there too. This would also promote the Hunting profession as they will need to eat.........alot!

Thanks for your consideration on this matter !
signed by Weyah: proxy for MuBaChelEstaAuKu
LOL. I love this. Good idea.
and then baby dragons that could be trained and used in combat as well? like they're parents but not as strong
i couldnt agree more with the idea... but what would happen to the hatchlings...

1) they could be sold, but then there would be a huge demand on female dragons, the joinings between male dragons and users would be lowered by a lot, and how can hatchlings be made if there arent any males?? and the owners of females would be the ones to keep the hatchlings, and get the money from selling the hatchlings.
2) they could be with the user that hatched them for an alotted time, and then dissipear. but then that would stink!! who wants to spend money to get a hatchling, feed it for a couple months, and then it would dissipear.
3) or we could train them in battle, but that would just give the people who actually spend money on the game another huge advantage over those who cant or dont want to spend money.
4) or we could do all three, but that would just triple the problems...

so lets keep it how it is, and just dont let the dragons have girlfriends.

and not to attack you personally, but really, its an animation!! it doesnt have feelings!! its not like it wants to be happy!!
i have an idea wat if they do it then the dragons fly away and they become wild dragons that we attack and gain experience and silver and stuff
I'm definitely down for that! Perhaps you could make a lil Dragon family xD...Then there could be instances ( like skrag caves ) but instead you just go with your family of dragons =)
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