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Changes in The Game

Dear Players,
We do value your feedback and are always keen to hear your opinion on our game. Many of our player suggestions such as friend lists and tabs were successfully integrated in the game. However, changes can not be made as quickly as we would like them to. We still encourage you to post your suggestions and share your ideas and we will do everything possible to make your experience enjoyable.
Thank you all,
your Dragon Eternity.

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15/03/2012 22:11
i'd like to see another tournament because where i live its 7am and 3pm and is almost impossable for me to play i've been able to play in two and im level 24
16/03/2012 05:20
My suggestion is concerning "wrath" attacks. First let me start by saying that for a game that centers on honor and valor, wrath attacks seems a large discrepancy at best. These attacks are cowardly, dishonorable and are not in the spirit of the game. Since it appears that they are also a quest for higher level players(i can't imagine why this activity would be encouraged) please limit their ability to attacks other players to no lower than three levels below them. Right now you have very high level players attacking low level newer players for easy wins. This will only discourage new players who then have to endure being cursed or pay a lot of silver to remove it(either way making the game a lot less fun and the players more likely to stop playing). Thank you for your consideration.
17/03/2012 01:40
Just want second Valarum's suggestion. It really is a bad way to develop a player base by aggravating players. No game allows grieving of other players yet it seems encouraged in this game.
19/03/2012 05:27
My suggestion for the auction house. It would a lot better if we could just click and hold to our desired price rather than clicking over and over one by one.
Ready and Willing to Learn. Always more out there.
22/03/2012 00:38
mine is a bit different then these, but it concerns "heavens voice" i got told not to say anything religious in chat, yet heavens voice is a total contradiction in my eyes, so i brought up the point to a guard that one day someone could actually get offended by heavens voice, now a days people get a wild hair up their butt and sue the crap out of whoever for whatever, and the way i see it, if someone can get millions of dollars out of mc donalds over a hot cup of coffee spilling in their lap in their car after exiting the drive through because the coffee is hot (duh) someone could just as easily and possibly sue for saying they cant say anything religious yet the name heavens voice itself can be seen as religious, i know to me it does, but im not but hurt and offended about it, someone some day may be, so i figure rename "heavens voice" to "info" and if someone is getting punished either let the system say what guard is doing the punishment or just make another name called "Ban Hammer" or something, figure id help you guys potentially avoid a possible lawsuit since i do actually like this game but yeah, just throwin it out there
24/03/2012 22:40
I would like to see some type of monthly membership system with benifits, as a form of replacement for all of these different ways that real world money is expected to be payed. I mean when people break the rules, they should either get a temp ban or a perma ban... they shouldnt be "shackled" untill they help turn a larger profit. And some collections and armor require LARGE amounts of money and it just doesnt make any sence to me. Im sorry if im out of line but a universal monthly membership fee (Of like 6-10 dollars, not 200), in exchange for benifits would be alot more fair in my eyes, not to mention it would generate alot more money in alot more stable fashion. 1 dollar per gold is just.... alot. $1 per 10 gold maybe but per gold? I enjoy this game so much that i do want to spend money on it, but im far too discourged by the unrealistic conversion ratio. But either way thanks for your time.
25/03/2012 02:29
one suggestion fix the berserker weapon isssue

i have a made a thread in tavern plz have a look

its i think a simple thing to fix and i would thank u alot to give it a look
27/03/2012 21:42
The Tournament of Honor should run more regularly instead of the current two time slots. This would allow some of us to take part. I have never participated as I am at work during those times.
30/03/2012 23:14
Just want to say I LOVE the game! Great work and free? Too nice of you!
30/03/2012 23:18
I have a suggestion for chaos spells 1) the chaos whip as it lvls each upgrade should increase the chance for healing you, not by 10% but by maybe 1% or 0.5% that would be cool. 2.) chaos secondary:seal of wounding if each upgrade increased vulnerability to chaos spells by again maybe 1-2% that would be awesome. Im a beserker and i know Witchers also use Chaos spells but Beserkers rely on high damage so to be able to heal with spells is awesome and to make that spell work better??? EPIC,
31/03/2012 04:45
oh no9413 
Going along with my AH post about base values I would like to see the base value for Spark of Inception go up and become a more common drop. It is just ridiculous that the base value is 18 copper and it cost 7-10s each just for bidding when the prices are low.
01/04/2012 15:13
As a beserker im aware of a couple things... 1.) we get hit VERY often. 2.) earth magic is a witcher magic yet like berekers it has a high critical rate. 3.) palladin have more health than beserkers.
1,3.) if we get hit more often shouldnt we have MORE health than any other class?? Palladins who focus on Reducing damage have more helath?? we sit there and take everything while they reduce our (rare) criticals and just generally kill us.
2.) why is Earth magic. one that improves intution (beserker stat) a witcher magic?? fire does more damage but unless it hits critaclly earth generally hits higher because of the intution increase.

if possible can i get some answers to why these things are the way they are?? also maybe some revisions to zerk class. thank you
02/04/2012 21:44
Sorry if this has already been mentioned. Too tired to go through all the next. But a potion that allows you to steal mana would be pretty cool?

Also, in regards to spark of inception; increase the drop rate imo. Even if you have to increase how many it requires to upgrade magic to balance it out. The price for them is way OTT.
04/04/2012 04:58
id like to see ability trees for example Berserker fury adds chance to hit second time first you pass a quest then you skil it up for next fury u quest then skill up again

They could just be spells done differently( one ability active at a time costs no mana unles specified some could cost health as well) weve got all those locked spaces after all The group abilitys work in raids
Bloodfrenzy the longer you personally fight the greater crit chance and crit dmg u do

Bonecrusher can cause bones to break causeing the enemy to do lower damage

BersArk causes all the hits from a berserker to act like a orb of courage for the berserker andhis party( the berserker only takeing dmg) the orb stacks however

and say you master all 3 you get some extra ability that is always on for example Berserks would get cleave on death of a enemy the next enemy gets hit that might be hard to code so it could be something else
I dont play paladin so i dont know what theyd want these are just ideas
Paladin Holy aura causes enemys to bleed and friends/self to heal

Smite charges weapon with all your mana adding damage appropriate to the amount of mana

Bulwark would cause your shield to absorb your mana and protect you based on amount of mana

tactics allows the paladin to hit first and more accurately with a slight bonus to crits whoever has higher tactics skill hits first/ better gear then it comes down to random


Meditate allows them to have mana at the start of a fight and gain it faster and have greater chance to crit not get reflected blocked exct ctra

Curse all spells cause cumulative stat damage to enemy with some sort of cap

Hex spells cause mana to be drained and siphoned to you and your party
Stone skin causes the witcher to become tougher this is their 4th skill when all are completed
08/04/2012 04:21
more weapons, that would be a nice change, still fighting with a level 6 axe, i am lvl 16, getting hard to kill the higher level mobs now. a fix would be nice.
12/04/2012 05:28
Could we stop all the spamming in the chat log when players are shackled? at least the ones that are kicked. We don't need to know. Thanks
12/04/2012 18:32
My suggestion is that VALOR rather than LEVEL be the sorting criterion for PVP in the arena. Any soldier with a military belt is going to annihilate a non-solider - regardless of level. I was just in a fight with two soldiers and a legionnaire fighting three recruits. The recruits were higher levels and were wiped out.
22/04/2012 09:24
I have a really unstable connection so i tend to disconnect during battle a lot and it is doing damage to my hard earned armor... is there anyway that you could change it so that if you were to disconnect you would revert to pre-battle state?
22/04/2012 17:37
Hi. I would like to see a server time (clock) somewhere in the game for the sake of players in different time zone. We do not want to miss any special events thank you.
24/04/2012 05:20
I'd like to be able to spin my avatar in the equipment window. Gotta check my 'do before going out to greet my adoring fans.... Seriously, I think it would be cool to be able to rotate my avatar in that window.
"I kvetch, therefore I am."
25/04/2012 00:11
An anatomy system would be awesome. Essentially everything would have an anatomy where it would be possible to sever body parts, break bones, and damage or destroy internal organs, just like in real life. This would allow a multitude of strategies and abilities, for instance you could focus on attacking one body part and defeat yer opponent by severing the body part, you could render yer enemy helpless by inflicting crippling damage on the spine, you could win be piercing a vital organ and cause the enemy to die from massive internal bleeding. There could be all kinds of skills that could enable yer character to specialize in exploiting the anatomy, such as knowing where to stab a given enemy in one or more of its vital organs, ambush an enemy and target its spine, acquire the ability to accurately target eyes to blind yer enemy and inflict terrible pain, the possibilities with an anatomy system could be near endless. It would be extremely satisfying to be getting yer ass handed to you by a boss but then you manage to sever a limb or the head and win even though by all rights you should have been defeated. This could and should apply to player characters as well, thus there would always be a chance, it wouldnt need to be large, for a weak monster to defeat a powerful player.
25/04/2012 08:24
have more toh a day where i lve it's 3am for the last one of the day so every one of the toh i can't enter. unless i risk making others mad because i have things to do so i can't stay up so late to join 1. if u don't add more of them many people won't be able to play it like me
i am a Wolf, i have honor and not afraid to stand up to a bully, it may be harder but i rather live with a clear mind.
25/04/2012 11:45
Playtime wrote:
Hi. I would like to see a server time (clock) somewhere in the game for the sake of players in different time zone. We do not want to miss any special events thank you.

All of chat timestamps are Server time , no matter where you are located.
28/04/2012 12:13
 El Pocho16 
We should have a higher hp regen rate for higher lvl players...its tough to farm essences u know...
All For One, One For All
29/04/2012 22:59
The Paladin issue.

I'm confused as to the entire point of being a Paladin. It honestly has nothing really beneficial about it. The other two classes have the chance ability to be healed in battle with their chaos whip. It is not by a pathetic, and small amount of the damage done, like in water and air magic. but for 100% of the damage done. and when Witchers hit hard consistently with their magic, and the Zerkers naturally have a lot of critical hits, anything PVP is all in their favor. ESPECIALLY when Paladins have nothing that does anything in comparison to being able to heal like that. And saying that we are able to block more is crap, because it just doesn't seem to happen enough to be worth mentioning. also saying that our stamina is our ability to reduce the damage that is done to us, is also crap because it is, STILL, us being hit. Solution #1 - Stamina needs to have more importance by raising a players HP to make having stamina worth something more than just reducing damage done to us. (THIS should be an easy fix for your programers too. I'm not asking anything very difficult to do on this one because all that is needed to be done is plug an extra variable into all players HP equation.The variable is equal to their stamina and blammo we have a partial fix to this. its for all players of any class and its just a little bit of math.)

The Water spell - is pathetic and a waste of good potential. rather then have it be a spell for damage with a low (and worthless) heal (that is based upon the damage that the caster does to the opponent (also a sad, low number for paladins) Solution #2 Keeping it simple again we just change the equation. - change it to have a lower amount of damage. and a much higher percentage of a heal - -hence- - we take the current damage equation (x) and multiply it by 0.66 (reduced by a third of its current strength). Then the Healing factor of it is raised to being that damage that we just came up with being multiplied by 2.5 = what we are healed with. it keeps it simple math and the spells increase in their damage just as it does when their upgraded but the equation for the damage and the heals remain consistent with that number throughout. it also allows any other classes that use water to benefit from this as well. it might not have the high strength to harm like the witchers and zerks have but at least it gives us something to use. this does however have the potential to make witchers unbeatable with having a much higher ability to damage with magic. giving them a higher heal.... hum i would like to see water become more worth having but it puts the advantage more in their direction and doesn't equal it out for the zerk.. hum well i'm trying to make at least the math part of it easy for ya.

order magic hammer's damage boost is also not worth crap because it doesn't do nearly enough to compare to the high damage to the other two classes. maybe that water equation up above or a variation of could be put in this spot. keeping the random raised damage with the heal would definitely give us the ability to compete with the other two.

and the divine retribution only increases the damage that is done to us. THIS MAKES NO SENSE!!! it should protect us and reduce the damage done to us. its a Divine attack on our enemies and the a little bit of love from whatever this entity is that is blasting them with holy powered light of some sort. if we paladins are supposed to be able to withstand and be the punching bag then we should have a something that goes in our favor and HELPS us to outlasting the battles with the other two powerhouses.

i love the game and i love dumping money into it. just please make it worth all this typing. and all the brain juice into how it can be implemented without the need for any changes to the GUI.

29/04/2012 23:27
just thought of how to ensure that issues remain equal and for everyone not just one particular class to benefit. the air magic DOT Spell should either do more damage to increase the effectiveness of its healing power and its increased percentage. so the one time little heal is at least double digits. cause its actually more insulting to even be bothered with seen a green 5 hp show up when the zerker that just swung on us, scoring a +500 hp critical. the fact that it's a one time heal is just lame, considering the DOT is, each turn, hurting our opponent. Changing this to constantly be feeding us that number of damage plus whatever percent it raises for the duration of the spell would make it much more worth while and still not be doing anything more to our opponent then what it already is.

also the if nothing is done about the divine retribution spell then i would like to see its name changed to something more towards what it actually realistically feels like. because when you ask a divine entity for help, or a blessing of such, and when that entity helps you and then, as a price, causes you weakness so that your enemies can kill you even faster sounds more like one type of entity. so I want Divine retribution to be permanently change to " Deal With the Devil"

here is my final suggestion considering all of the negative effects that we have to deal with i think that our Class name should be called Hardened Militia. At least then new players will know that they are going to be playing a role where their game playing experience is more similar to ice skating up hill and won't get hit with the disappointment that many of us have had to endure since starting.

just throwing the thoughts out there for the paladins that want to remain paladins.
02/05/2012 23:25
When looking through the forums I noticed when applying for a guardian all the applicants info is available for anyone to see is there a way to hide that? I did not apply I just thought not everyone wants there info for the world to see
06/05/2012 03:38
I would like to suggest a (Ticket or scroll) which will be able to change a citizen from sadar to vaalor and viceversa. I think it would be a nice add on and a simple one.
06/05/2012 15:38
 El Pocho16 
I ditto Snickerdoodles....
All For One, One For All
06/05/2012 19:26
just a suggestion for the duel of truth for when one of the captain dies and we have to fight the captain it would be nice if it were regulated to were we can actually fight it instead than that once we are up against it its a sure sudden kill since it 1 hit ko's anyone no matter lvl
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