Bad Nicknames

In this topic, you can report any nicknames that you consider as inappropriate, offensive or violating the third point of our General Game Rules:

3. It is forbidden to use and distribute words and statements that are sexually explicit, as well as harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, leading to racial and ethnic strife (including but not limited to harassment on ethnic and religious grounds). The rule applies to user messages, names of characters, nicknames, descriptions, in-game marks (including but not limited to offensive or inappropriate names of clans, names of pets, descriptions and titles).

Please state only Nickname of the player.
Please refrain from any comments in this thread, explaining why particular nickname is/is not inappropriate and should not/should be used.
Please don't repeat nicknames that already have been reported.

Off topic messages will be deleted and authors punished.
kec the slut
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