Marks: How do they work and which are better

Each part of armor, except the grey and gladiator sets can be improved with special marks, which give additional bonuses to your character. Higher the quality (color) of the Mark - higher chance of access it has.

Green marks can be acquired by fighting Normal and Elite Monsters or created with the Inscriptor Profession;
Blue marks can be acquired by fighting Elite Monsters or Instance and Incident bosses or created;
Violet is the best quality of the marks and can be acquired only in the reputation interface, if you have enough reputation (will see in tables below).

To open the window of improvements, click on the portrait of your character in the upper-left corner of the game, in the opened window hover the mouse to the interested armor part and choose an option upgrade. In the opened window, switch to the second tab Marks:
Enemy %Your %
Total Reflection %

There are four slots for marks.

1. Six Schools of Adan; /- -/ Main magic reflection, magic defense or defense penetration /- -/ Available everywhere.
2. Master of Steel; /- -/ Crit, Block, Damage reduction bonuses /- -/ Everywhere, except the green armor.
3. Master of Elements; /- -/ Special effects as vampirism, dodge, damage boost etc.
3. Master of Elements; /- -/ Only violet armor, 32+ blue weapon, gloves, pauldrons, all 70+ blue
4. Parcels; /- -/ Little HP, Damage and Characteristic bonuses /- -/ Everywhere.

This colors mean nothing. I've marked the available slots with the same colors for all armor Here.

Now let's see, how they work and then discuss, which is better.

1Six Schools of Adan

Firstly, remember about magic.

We know, that:
Witcher has access to magic of - - - Earth + Chaos + Water.
Berserk has magic of - - - Fire + Chaos + Air.
Paladin - - - Order + Water + Air.

We also know about triangle of classes: Berserks beat Paladins, Pals beat Witchers, Witchers beat Berserks. Marks were created to make that triangle more emphasized. From that logic, each class has access to marks against his own main magic + all magic of weaker class.

Elements of available marks:

Witcher - [ Earth] + [ Fire, Air, Chaos];

Berserk - [ Fire] + [ Order, Air, Water];

Paladin - [ Order] + [ Earth, Chaos, Water].

There are three types of Six School marks.

1. Reflection marks add a chance to return all magic damage back to the caster. Reflection works against any magic and also 'mirrors' all positive and negative effects of the magic. If water magic gives +18% heal to caster, in case of reflection, that heal will get the reflector.
Maximum reflection against any School of Magic is 30%. Higher percent will not work.
Violet reflection marks require 7000+ Hero of the Empire reputation.

But reflection mechanism is more complex. When your opponent doesn't have the same reflection, your chance of reflection is exactly equal to the sum of % from the marks. But you must have noticed, that double-triple-etc reflections never happen, if both opponents have a reflection from the same magic. Two same reflections are partially suppressing each other.

Let's take an easy example. Enemy and I - both have 30% reflection of fire and I'm casting a fire spell. Imagine, that multiple reflections exist. In that case, he has a 30% chance of reflection, but I also have a 30% chance to reflect the reflected spell. Chance of double reflection equals to 30% from 30 = 9%. But double-reflected spell also has a 30% chance to be reflected. Chance of triple reflection equals to 30% from 9 = 2.7%. Chance of quadruple reflection = 30% from 2.7 = 0.81%.

But at the same time, when I cast a spell - after double reflection (to me, and back to the opponent) it will be the same, as the hit without reflection, cause the damage finally gets to the initial target. Triple reflection [to me - to enemy - to me] = equals to one reflection [to me].

So, from the base reflection chance, we can subtract chances of all even reflections (double - 4 - 6 ...) and add chances of all odd reflections (triple - 5 - 7...). If both opponents have 30 and 30% reflections, the total reflection chance will be equal to = 30 - 9% + 2.7% - 0.81% + 0.243 - etc. ≈23%

Use the calculator from the left side. The bane-reflection from the Lesser Insignia of Aeona's Mirror work exactly the same way: If both have 80% bane reflection, total chance will be 59%.

2. Protection marks reduce the magic damage. But reduction in not a stable. If you have summary 35% of fire protection, you will randomly get 0, 25, 50 or 75% reduction from fire attacks - so the average percent will aim to 35%. Maximum protection against any School of Magic is 75%.

3. Defense suppression (penetration) works only if your opponent has magic reduction marks, otherwise it's useless. Here everything is simple. I have 60% fire def, you have 20% penetration = the total reduction will be 40%. This total magic defense also reduces by 40% the chance to catch a disorientation from spells of certain element. Maximum defense suppression is 75%.
Violet protection and penetration marks require 7000+ Conqueror of Seven Bridges reputation.

2Master of Steel

This specific marks are improving your class features. Berserks can use only marks of Fury (crit), Paladins - marks of Stamina (block), Witchers - Absorption (damage decrease).
Violet steel marks require 7000+ Bonecrusher reputation and Maximum bonus of Crit, Block, Decrement is 15%. Higher - just will not work.

As you know, Stamina increases the chance of Block, intuition - the chance of critical hit, Will - damage reduction by 25, 50 or 75%. So if you have 10% block bonus, and your stamina gives 5% block chance or 30% - it doesn't matter. Bonus will sum to that chance and increase block rate to 5+10 = 15% or 30+10 = 40% etc.

With Attack blocking bonus - 10%, you will block in average at least 10 attacks from 100. Even if you have 0 stamina.

Damage decreasing bonus - 10% - - Means, that you will randomly get reduced by 0, 25, 50 or 75% damage, and average reduction will aim to 10%. But if paladin needs 10 blocks from 100 for 10% damage reduction, witcher must reduce damage by 25% - 40 times from 100, to get average 10% reduction, equal to 10% block bonus. That's why witchers are decreasing damage more often, than paladins block.

Critical hit bonus - 10% - - In average you will deal at least 10 critical hits from 100, but crits can be blocked or reduced by will or decreasing bonus.

3Master of Elements

First five marks require 16,000 Gladiator reputation, and other three - 16,000 Conqueror of Seven Bridges. This marks add a specialization to your character and improve your tactics. They don't have a maximum chance - you can use as many, as you want.


Parcels have a specific feature. Higher quality parcels usually can't be purchased and you must upgrade them from the 'white' quality, which can be purchased in the shop. They don't require any reputation.

You must spend some gold or reals, to use the parcel from your backpack. After using - it will increase or decrease the quality (or do nothing, if already white).

If you have weak nerves, don't play with parcels and buy them from other players.
The chance of upgrade isn't the same in all colors.
I've experimented with 31 lvl parcels - clicked 100 pcs and got this results:

Shining Parcel of Strength (100 pcs) → Shining Parcel of Strength I (80) + Shining Parcel of Strength (20).
Shining Parcel of Strength I (100 pcs) → Shining Parcel of Strength II (52) + Shining Parcel of Strength (48).
Shining Parcel of Strength II (100 pcs) → Shining Parcel of Strength III (31) + Shining Parcel of Strength I (69).

Violet test would be too expensive, here I stopped)
Success rate of upgrading red parcels from the orange ones, must be 5-10%.

In case of parcels, you are choosing onty their quality.
1. Parcels of strength can be inserted only in the Weapon, Gauntlets, Pauldrons;
2. Parcels of Vitality (HP) - only in the Boots, Leggings, Cuirass, Helm;
3. Parcels of Intuition (only Bers), Stamina (Pal), Will (Witch) - Necklace, Amulet, Regalias.

But parcels are overestimated. They add too small amount of characteristics and must be used only if you have nothing else to upgrade. Don't forget, that each 100 strength give 8,5 — 11,5 base damage to your character.

Take a look to blue and violet parcels: Shining Parcel of Strength III / Shining Parcel of Strength IV. Even if you equipped 10 pcs, comparing with blue ones, violet will add total +40 strength, which may add you 200+ total damage from all battle. This is too little growth, to overpay gold. Parcels were created for players, who have nothing to upgrade and want to maximize their characteristics. Normal players may confine with blue parcels.

?Which marks are better

This question doesn't have one correct answer. But marks still have some interesting features, that you must know.

When spell is reflecting, reflected damage is counting from characteristics of caster. He is hitting himself. But if you are Berserk and have highest intuition (increasing crit-chance) and lowest Will (decreasing crit-chance) = You will mostly get critical hits from the reflection. In the same way, Paladins have high Stamina (block chance) and low intuition (block chance reduction) - so, paladins more often block other paladins (and themselves, from reflection). Witchers - get reduced damage in the same way.

From this thoughts, before 50 lvl...

Witchers have an easy choice - equal reflection from all berserk magic. So, berserks or must not use the magic, or get critical reflections. If players have brains - replicants, dragons, torlings doesen't, so crit-reflections may really help. In the beginning of game, when you have few slots - first priority must be Fire reflection, because of Fire Chain I, than chaos reflection and fill last slots with air reflection. Earth reflection isn't so useful, cause other witchers still can use water magic against you.

Berserks and Paladins have harder choice...

Berserk can use order and water reflection but air defense. When you cast an air spell and get a reflection - your air defense will reduce the reflected damage. But if you have def-suppression marks at the same time, they will ruin this tactics.

Berserk is the most uncomfortable class for this marks. Paladins usually block the reflected damage... Strong paladins also usually have 20-30% def-suppression, which makes your defense useless. But at least - when you don't get damage due to reflection, it's better than nothing.

And danger of Fire Chain I still exists for berserks. Also there is another exotic version: forget about magic of paladins, cause it can be weakened with Fire Chain I and make 30% fire reflection, which will a bit suppress witcher's fire reflection and help to use fire dot.

At all, up to 50 lvl you may not think about such things and just use equal reflections from all pal-magic.

Paladin is the only class, which has access to water and chaos reflection at the same time. So, with high reflection, paladin can't be a target for easy heal.

General tips:
1. Regalias are not so expensive. So, you can buy an additional pair, insert there another marks and change regalias depending from enemy.
2. Ethereal weapon, Hero of the Empire Necklaces, orange shaab regalias have inserted by default marks of reflection from the main magic of weaker class. Ex, for witchers it is fire reflection. So, if you use Ethernal weapon frequently - your own weapon also must have a fire reflection. In this case, your reflection percents will not break in case of weapon changes.
3. Another thing: if you never use Ethernal weapon but sometimes take a red hammer or Torling's weapon, which don't have reflection, but only def-suppression. In this case you must insert to your usual weapon marks, which can be sacrificed.
4. After 50 lvl players starting to use Extracts of Antimagic with high magic defense. So, after 50 lvl magic suppression becomes more useful. Torling's weapon already has 20% suppression. You also can add two marks of suppression to your regalias and that's it - near 40% suppression.
5. After 50 lvl, will appear new magic of Undead and Nephilim (Message to me: Add a link), which must be only reflected. Defense doesn't help.

If Master of Element marks puzzled you, don't panic. Everything will become clear, if you rearrange them:

I've broken them to three groups: first group improves your damage, the second group helps to survive longer and the third group - weakens opponent's magic usage. From this point, you just must choose, which specialization do you like.

Attack group: Notice that Lacerated Wound marks work only from your physical attacks. They are especially good in the Maze of Eternity, but become less effective, when you get a Mana-hammer and starting to use magic more often. But even with hammer, wound marks still can work great in combo with Blaze of Frenzy V. At 90 lvl full 81.000 gladiator marks and 72-74 Torling-axes, you can reach 72% wound. Two wounds + red destruction glyph in the Neph with Blaze... can take -1000 damage per tick, with crits at 90 lvl.

Shattering blow at all deals weaker phys damage, than wound, but increases your chances to insta-kill someone, especially with Crimson Steward's Hammer. It's also a pleasure for eyes, if you just like big numbers of damage.

Shattering spell marks are not so useful in PvP, because of reflection... They are more about PvE. And, what if mark worked - and you don't have enough mana?

Surviving group: Berserks have a big problem... if witchers and paladins have a stable healing from water magic, Berserks have only chaos, which never work when needed. Hypervampirism marks can partially fix this problem and provide enough heal.

Steel shield also is more useful for berserks, cause shield of witchers will reduce the damage, which probably was already reduced. But berserk may get a reduction from a huge crit and win more HP.

Evasion marks are emphasizing the class domination. If you are a witcher and have reflection from all magic of berserk - he can hit you only with phys-attacks, which are getting dodged. This marks can be combined with Phial of Dexterity and work even better. They also are good against neph-berserks, which usually use a physical damage. If you are berserk - you may use evasion + Fire dots from neph bites.

Magic weakening maybe one of the best and universal marks for PvP. The only thing: Loss of mind percent must be 20-30% or higher. Otherwise it will work too rarely and your opponent may not use the magic and just wait for the end of effect.

<-- full mark tables are coming -->


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