Protector Instances: Walkthrough [81,000+ rep][50+ lvl]

After reaching 81,000 rep of Protector, you will no longer get usual protector quests. Go to Watermill and choose a Great Protector quest, which requires to pass three random instances of Protector, from existing five.

Rewards: +100 rep and +1 element of Great Protector collection.

So, let's see at first, what we have and where they are.

RachniSteam WorkshopGates of DagdorPartizan of Rachni Scout (2 pcs)
KroldMelting ChamberHall of MastersMace of Krold Infantryman (2 pcs)
KariolCannibal BivuacSteppe TempleStaff of Cannibal Shaman (2 pcs)
TaurNorthern BarrowCamp of Sun ClanHalberd of Steppe Conqueror (2 pcs)
PiratePirate FrigateCape WyvernSaber of Pirate Boatswain (2 pcs)

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All bosses have the same guards - three battles, from 5 to 9 common monsters in each. All monsters adjust to the level of your group. Bosses were made for 3 week, 2 middle or 1 strong player. Now about 'How to kill them'. Belts from the right side are just recommended, but not the only right way.



Rachni periodically summons a common monster, after 6 rounds devours him and starts to heal 3% HP. So, you must have dejection glyphs, try to kill faster and don't let him to summon too much. If the summoned rachni came agiainst you - don't try to kill. Just stand and wait, while boss will kill him → use a Dejection on the boss. Be careful with partners, not to use more than one.

++~12+1Solo + Dragon: As you know, all bosses more like to fight against the opponent with higher damage. So, if you want dragon to kill the boss, try to hit weaker, to let him faster understand, that dragon hits stronger.

++~123+maybe2Solo + Neph: With neph everything is easier: Kill... Just kill))



At the 75%, 50% and 25% HP boss randomly summons 3 or 4 monsters, which repeat the boss base damage. Ànd Boss, ànd the summoned krolds [at 90 lvl] have about 300 dmg at 100% HP and while losing HP - start to hit stronger, up to -900-1000. Summoned krolds can't be weakened, but each killed summ-krold weakens the Boss by 10%. So, in team you may need more than one dragon and try to kill the summoned as faster, as you can. So, at first you may hit the boss by yourself and at 75%, when he summons the first wave - use dragons and let them kill the wave faster. And don't hurry, hit the boss in the last second, to win some time.

12+1-2Solo + Dragon: It's the hardest boss, cause he's more about enough strength, than tactics. Do everything as with team, but your dragon must kill solo all summoned waves. You can summon the dragon with the first wave. When the wave is killed, may start to hit the boss in the last second. When there are no summoned krolds, dragon will accumulate some mana while standing in reserve.

+3+2-3Solo + Neph: Consider, that two nephs may be better, than mount + neph. At the end of life boss has a huge damage, so - it's good to calculate your Neph transformation at the last 10,000 +/- HP of boss, to kill him faster and don't let to deal too many damage. Don't forget to transform under the Blaze of Frenzy XI or similar and then use the Destruction . If Neph is Zerk too, it will deal a huge damage with bonus strength and crit. Mostly you will fight against the boss. If sometimes some of krolds is coming up - use Powerful Black Spot and try to kill him, to make boss a bit weaker.



Firstly there are Boss-kariol and two small Kariols. Each new joining player adds +1 Small Kari to the battle. Small kariols are harmless, but if Boss came against you (or dragon) - with first hit he always adds a Paralyzing Fear buff, which prevents you from healing. Any heal doesn't work - even from magic and orbs. But you also don't get damage from orbs of Courage. There is one way to save from this - kill a Small Kariol, in which case the Boss and Kari will swap.

So, let's imagine the battle and let's say I'm the strongest player of the group. Starting the battle alone, and using Endurance as fast, as I can, to restore HP, cause Boss can paralyze me from the first hit. If my first opponent is a small kariol - I'm using a glyph of life and trying to keep max-HP for Boss. Ok, now Boss is against me: Trying to deal max damage without heal - with courage, mana elixirs and destruction. My HP get lower than 50% - summoning the dragon. He must kill a small kariol and take the Boss away from me. Now I can restore HP, warden the dragon and call other players to join the battle. My dragon may be sacrificed. Boss 'Switching' isn't infinite, it depends from amount of players in the battle (and is a bit buggy).

Solo + Dragon: Everything is similar to passing with group. You just need enough damage, to kill him with one switch 'You - Dragon - You'. Also Resurrection may help a bit. Solo + Neph: Impossible (possible, but no reason, too hard).




In this battle we have three monsters with 20-25,000 HP [at 90 lvl]: Healer, Attacker and Defender.
Attacker has less HP, but hits with courage orbs, uses Destruction glyphs and can disorient.
Defender uses vamp orbs and warden insignias on allies.
Healer steals Mana or deals increased damage. Uses strength orbs and glyphs of Protection. At the beginning of battle has 0 mana and starts to restore it up to 500. When he hits with 500 mana, it's resetting, but he and all allies get a glyph of life, with huge heal, which can't be dejected.

Ok. At first, if someone hits too strong (attacker), it's good to avoid him and try to kill with dots. Glyphs of destruction must help. Healer is stealing mana, so - the best monster for accumulating mana for dots is Defender. If you have 2 players in the group - don't be hurry with dragons. Attacker may kill them too fast. At first try to kill attacker with dots and destruction, and then summon dragons for help. If attacker is against you, hit at the last second to make sure your partner has enogh time to accumulate mana and use dots. Seal of Wounding XI 10+ can make great things. Also use caurage orbs against attacker, cause more you trying to weaken him - more rounds he have to use destruction glyphs.

Attacker is dead. Now healer. At 71 lvl dragon has a beautiful tallent: Sorcerer's Hand (third tree). But at all, it's not necessary to keep healer's mana lower... You just need to make him never hit with 500 mana. When battle starts, you also don't need to fade his mana. Let him to reach 450+ and then start to use mana fading glyps. How it works: boss has 495 mana, he hits and restores 500, but now is your turn. You are hitting and boss loses small mana due-to fading and never will hit with 500 mana. So, you can use even grey fading.

No problems with defender.

8+3+42Solo + Dragon: Also, try to kill Attacker at first, than take Defender and summon the dragon, which will try to kill the Healer.

7+3+12Solo + Neph: The key thing is to tie the defender // Powerful Black Spot, which has the weakest damage and try to kill Attacker with dots (chaos is the best; pally... bye-bye). Because all monsters start the battle in the def-stance and doesn't change it before the first hit, you can catch the defender and summon noob skeletons (even 16 lvl), to make Attaker change his stance. Cause dots make 20% less damage if the target is in def stance.

You may have enough strength just to kill everyone with neph and don't think about such things.



Description for 90 lvl, remember, that everything adjusts to your level.
At the beginning of battle there is boss [70,000+ HP] + 1 common pirate [5000 HP]. Each new player joining adds +1 pirate. Boss deals huge damage to all opponents with Tsunami... Huge means 5000+ no-crit. So, he must never reach 1000 mana.

Player with strongest dragon starts alone. If Boss came against you from the first round - don't hurry with dragon. Try to catch pirate at first and then summon the dragon, to make him fight the Boss - and after that call other players. After each killed pirate, a new one will join instead of him. From here, there are two ways.

1) Hit pirates as slower, as you can and let dragon to eat the Boss, helping him with mana fading (not only glyphs). Don't forget, that each hit of small pirate adds +50 mana to boss, which may ruin all your tactics. Try to keep one pirate with low HP (skipping your turn + Lesser Orb of Self-Preservation) for always be ready to zero mana of the boss.

2) Killed pirate not only fades all mana of boss, but deals 2000+ damage. You can actively kill all pirates and defeat the boss faster.

Solo + Dragon: The same way as with team.

+3+2Solo + Neph: Here you don't need to fade mana. Just know, that boss restores +19 mana per round and if he has more than 981 mana before your turn, use a preserve-orb.

For solo killing easiest are Rachni and Pirate. Kariol - average. And the hardest - Taurs and Krold. Strong berserks can pass each instance in 15 minutes, without any buffs

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re: rachnis
Flawless Glyph of Dejection do stack on this server. We added multiples to prevent healing, dropped from ~800 hp to 400 to 200. Tested again today to be sure, and it worked with myself and kagon2 going.

re: kariols
whip heal still works, if you do see the evil spirit - just saw the dragon do it :) :) :) Would need someone with water to test, we were a group of all zerks lol
Also a warning when soloing, Garuug can pop in these instances (happened again to me today). This means you leave the instance and start over, losing any fight progress you have already made again the mobs. Group is better, you can leave and your partner keeps the spot.
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