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 Alexandria H20 
02/08/2012 05:27

Guardians this one is for you

Under da Bridge

a dedicated warrior traveling
with only one purpose in mind
through the beautiful lands of Adan
a silly beast they are trying to find

they hide under the old bridges,
in the sewage, overgrowth, and weeds
and creep out when no one is looking
to fullfill their own selfish putrid needs

they twist the chatter of all the locals
and spew forth filth within their own words
when they come across their own affiliation
they begin to travel in overgrown herds

These trolls run screaming from this warrior
who has been blessed with powers from on high
To silence and shackle this loathsome breed
and in a dungeon forever they will lie.

And the warrior continues his travels
often left forgotten and all alone
keeping peace within this antique nation
anarchy he nolonger will condone

this goes out to you all with lots of love for the headaches you all have. lol. have fun with it. i had fun writing it.

02/08/2012 05:30
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this TOTALLY made my night! Well done, old friend, well done!
02/08/2012 05:35
02/08/2012 05:35
thats my girl
02/08/2012 05:36
nice awesome poem!
02/08/2012 05:47
I love it sweaty. Nicely done.
Pulchre Nex. Pulchre Requiem
02/08/2012 06:26
The Epicness of this poem cant be described by mere words!!
02/08/2012 21:16
LOVE the poem. it fits perfectly! very well said
02/08/2012 23:14
How dare you make fun of my kind?
02/08/2012 23:16
Great Poem though! Couldn't of wrote it better myself
03/08/2012 00:33
That's amazing babes!
I am Podeth, I steal people's pants. Podeth the pant-stealerrrrrr.
03/08/2012 02:46
This did brighten up my day. Brought a smile to this Old guards face. ^_^
03/08/2012 04:46
 Lady Sin49 
Bravo! Love it!
Have a poutine.
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