Contest - 3 Days in Adan - Day 2

"Oh... You’ve found the picture! I knew you are that powerful. Yes, I think this is the dragon", the witch spoke fast. "Something strange happened last night though. I brought the statue home and put it on the windowsill. As soon as moonlight touched the wings of a dragon, the statue came to life! No", she began waving his arms, "Do not think I am crazy! I have actually seen a little silver dragon, which circled the room until the moon was obscured by the clouds". Perhaps this dragon is enchanted indeed, and I just can not feel the enchantment. To learn that for sure, I need one of the poems containing the word "dragon". But remember: This word must not be repeated in the text more than 3 times in total!

Until 11:00 Server Time on Thursday, August, 2nd, publish a poem containing the word "dragon" in this thread. This word must not be repeated more than 3 times in total. Please do not post the poems which were already published earlier.

Poems are accepted from those players who took a part in the picture search only.

We will run this contest till August, 3rd. Each day after 13:00 Server Time we will publish the next part of the quest available only to those who participated in the previous round.
Only the participants who accomplished all 3 tasks in time and without any violations are eligible for the bonuses.


There once was a dragon with wings and fiery breath. I went to his home which was a hidden cove and i caught him with some rope and chain.
He was golden violet and he was quite violent. Then I trained him for the saddle and I trained him for a battle.
Then now I ride on his back with the wind in my hair and people declare, "Tis the dragon rider."
The Moon becomes a
Silver sphere,
a dragons reflections in the water:
just as clear.
It's snowing...
but time is
Winds are howling
but silence rests
A sudden
Surge revives;
its vibes know boundless
A dragon solitary stare: he
Knows you're there.
Stances are fixated
Yet souls intently move.
and honour is yours thereafter -
The dragon beckons:
The kinship is awoken.
Encounter Auril Lagoonia (Water Dragon)

Alone in the murky depths below, It's said her eyes are dark and eerie with an amber glow.
We're told her home is far away, a mystic place of ancient myth.
The truth unknown, our minds conjecture still, a monstrous eel, menacing, coiled in wait.
We've not seen her and pray we never will, to meet, we're sure, would bring a fearful fate.

But why are we afraid to venture deep?
Our apprehension seems to be too strong, like nightmares bringing terror as we sleep,
Yet morning finds us safe where we belong.

And does this dragon live in distant sea? Or is she lying, buried deep in me?

Believing I must radiate cheer and light, I go about my tasks throughout the day.
Why do I lie awake into the night with anxious thoughts that will not go away?
We're told that dragons are malignant things that prey on those exploring the unknown,
And some are said to have enormous wings to chase down those who venture out alone.

But then a dragon voice speaks from within. She tells me that the dark must be explored,
My hidden hopes and fears are not a sin, instead, in dusky places dreams are stored.

For now I see her beauty as I find that she was always there,
My one and only Auril Lagoonia, Princess of the waters.
Dragons flying in the sky
Swooping down and soaring high
Mighty wings, so awe inspiring
Always moving, never tiring

Outlined against a yellow sun
Giant shadows, having fun
Rising, diving, again repeating
In a game of dragons, meeting

Jeweled bodies in the light
A golden wingspan, shining bright
Powerful tails in joy entwining
Playing, while the sun is shining

Oh, how wondrous is this sight
When great dragons show delight
A Dragon Born under a silver moon,
stretched his wings only once and flew
Seen by a Witch with an evil eye,
he was cursed before noon!

Doomed to a tomb of plaster,
a statue of his former self
She wishes to be his master,
so she puts him on her shelf!

The Mother of all Dragons,
soars the midnight air
Searching for her lost one,
To bring him back to his lair!

So as the story is told
by the young and old!
when the silver moon shines it's light
The dragon is freed to flight!

By Lexi
The Giants awoke with a RRROOOAAARRR
The Werewolves yelled into the night
The Vampires came out of their coffins
The Dragons took flight into the night

The Giants swung their clubs at bats
The Werewolves chomped on their prey
The Vampires drank their enimies blood
The Dragons burnt down the trees

The Giants hit the passing cars
The Werewolves ate the live stock
The Vampires took flight into the night
And the Dragons... ate a cooked dinner

Soaring through the air
With wings spread out so they glide
Dragons take take the flight.
Fire born of Dragon's breath.
Immortal creature, immune to Death.
Eyes of emerald, gleaming cold.
Claws of Iron, Scales of Gold.

Turns her head to gaze at night.
There is no moon within her sight.
She knows tonight she won't be found.
Her wings raise her from the ground.

The dark land below drops out of sight.
She soars towards mountains, tall in the night.
But alas, she knows she will soon fade away,
Born of the night, yet dying by day.

Life fills her heart, as the air fills her wings.
And she opens her jaws, and she silently sings,
"Free for the night, wishing for always."
But the light is dawning with chill morning haze.

Then the pages are closed, and the Dragon is caged.
She is just a memory, there on the page.
And I beg of you reader, free her, my friend.
Open the pages, let this not be the end.

by: Tiffany Hrach
On wings of thunder
Honor bound
Search me out, I drum the sound
Twist and turn in the night
Dragon come, my guiding light.
Protector, guardian, friend not foe
Come to me, see my vigil glow.
Strong and true this friendship charm
I beckon thee, keep me from harm.
Around and about your magic swirls
Come to me
Your wings unfurled.

By: Bill Wescott

Dedicated to my dragon Eragon
With wings of shining blue, she beautifully lands,
her eyes on a fiery red, but the master commands.
They strike for attack, upon a strange elite,
with their leaders at their side, their romance stays disreet.
For dragon and dragon, shared love at first sight
forbidden by their owners, 'cause they must learn to fight.
A war will soon be coming and the lovebirds must engage,
with souls full of love, but heads full of rage.
They'll fight side by side to take down the beasts,
on the bones of Vaalor enemies, the dragons plan to feast.
A night will be blackened by the gunfire down below,
and through their chaos bites, this passion will still glow.
Like Romeo and Juliet, a true meeting of the heart,
Waffle, and Fire Wing, refuse to be kept apart.
So when this war is over and the weapons are laid down,
they'll fly side by side keeping guard over the town.

I couldn't find one I liked on the net like most other people seem to have done, so I hope it was okay to write my own :)
Written by me, about the ever blossoming romance between my dragon Mrs. Wafflecopter, and Berkzerkers dragon Fire Wing
Rocky's Self-writen Dragon Poem
A Dragon's Beauty

Even for a dragon she was an adventurous one indeed
And in her travels she boasted of many a treasure, golden and bright that shone
Not all of her kind were pure however, some were rotten with greed
And one, more vile than the rest, plotted to her teasures take, and thus turned her to stone

However, he mistook her treasures, for they were naught gold or gems; her's were priceless
Her treasures were the sun as it set for the day, more bright than gold itself
And seas as beautiful as saphires, yet more for they were vast and endless
Add to that the company of many radiant creatures, ones who treasure beauty themsleves

His wrath raged like only a dragon's can, until even his frozen heart
At the sight of her own treasures, indeed then melted
Astonished as he was, by the enchantment of Nature's art
He remembered not to free her of his curse, the words to reverse it unchanted

To free her of her stony grave, one thing you must know
Bring her the beauty of her greatest treasure
(Tough to us unkown) and as her tears of happiness flow
You yourself will share her love for all things that are pure
Swooping way up high
Frightening people below
I'm not scared are you?

Fire breather
Noise maker
Ear acher
Fear maker
Bone breaker
High Flyer
Low swooper
Dentist hater

Drags its prey home
Ruining buildings in its way
Angry noises echo around
Ground shakes announcing arrival
Orange fire blazes out of nostrils
Not a good night when dragons are near


I am "Cloud" the grey dragon
The only one of my kind
All others of my kind are a green
I know I am different?

Other dragons have golden wings
Mine are a shadowy grey
I am a ghost, living in a sea of colours
I know I am different?

I hope for a miracle every night
Maybe I shall turn blue
The morning comes, im still grey
I know I am different?

I want to be like other young dragons
Sometimes I feel so alone
Their adult colours are starting to show
I know I am different?

My name is "Cloud" the silver dragon

A Haiku by me.
Honor and Respect
The Dragon Dog Family
Come join in our love.

A simple poem by me.

On a mid summers night,
On came such a fright,
The silver Dragon did fly,
So much like a butterfly,
If flew and soar,
and let out a tiny roar.
What mysteries will unfold?
My breath I will hold,
We will find out tomorrow,
And Hope there is not sorrow.
I am the dragon belonging to the moon
And there I shall be back soon

Hear my story oh great knight
For soon I shall request for your aid and might

I have been captured and curse to be grey
And soon I shall make the demon my prey

But alas here comes the clouded shade
Which makes my color go and fade


Now that it has faded
I request to be aided

The quest for you oh might warrior
Is one in which you should overcome every barrier

Start with the blessing of the Goddess of the moon
for she shall grant me the boon

Collect the light she shall deliver
And make me forever silver


Then With all my dragon strength
I shall reveal you the tasks at length

Once finished, Together we shall march
To the demons cursed arch

Alas! Here comes the first light of the sun
And now I shall make my run
Carry me as the grey iron maiden
And hurry to save the land of Adan
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