how is it that changes are being made to the game?

How can changes keep being made to the game, yet we the users get zero updates? 7b was removed not update, 7b was returned (guessing because of complaints about rep and points) no update, some items in shop are back to russian no update, new gifts (in russian) no update, element eyes changed to only be 1 hour no update....

how about no updates till someone at least posts something for the users in the forum?
LOL...The idiots running both servers don't give shit about this server. This server may have spent money on the game in the past but I doubt anyone is spending money on the game now. We're not profitable and they don't care about us. I understand your questioning BUT in all honesty it is stupid to even ask. We have 1-2 active no one gives a shit anymore.
i went on the forum in the other server on chrome where i can translate russian in french, and people there like beauty beast or something like that are trying some events so i think they bring new things and they make it here at the same time, but just not telling us. They made some post about what changes players would make and things like that
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