Sea battle

Please every lvl 22+ who read this message, answer back it would be appreciated.
I would like to know who can do sea battle on which day, so we can figure a way to be 10 at the same time.
Probably all players are like me and wants heroism and rewards from sea battle, for my part, its for Nephilim quest. They are impossible to complete right now and I can't afford to pay 5reals for all the quest. Just for sea battle quest, it would be 20reals if i want to complete it...
So plz write if you can monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday saturday, sunday.
saturday and sunday are the best for me, and at night during the week
Any day if I'm in the game.

But who cares? Players come here to ruin the game for others and not to participate in battles, and not to give to others.
That's why child acting should stop and people should start to help each other, otherwise we have no hope to get the game back and keep the remaining player. Who wants to get hit all the time in a dead game. I once was close to leave the game because of this, but i had friends who made me want to play again. I tried few time to talk with the person who hit me all the time, never worked. That's why we need people to evolve and be more mature.

I just don't have the power to make it all stop, we need ALL to work on ourselves on this
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