So terra is doing fine while nova decays. Lmao.

Sooo, I played on Terra, the game is doing fine, they also have an event going on right now and you can earn keys and buy an amount of caskets that would cost about 490 USD before tax. And let’s just say there’s activity amongst all levels, activity in which this server hasn’t had in at least six years.
I think it’s safe to say that Sensate, just like the others will not truly help Nova.
Yeah the admin we have been given on this server sucks ass. Might as well hang it up if you ever want to wait on him to respond to anything you send him. The guy came here with all these ideas on how he was going to make it better.....then disappeared. He won't answer emails and has not kept his "I'll log on every Wednesday to talk and answer questions." That was total bull shit....
Always so negative Othie
Not wrong though, sensate got fired, I checked the other server and he’s jailed lmao. No one but the “council” know who the new one is or will be. kingmp,
LOL not negative just truthful.....I would love to continue to play the game but it's become stale. Too many issues are happening. Even the guards don't seem to log on very much anymore. Meh......i'll log on but won't play much lol.
so, just wondering if there is any proof Egor got fired? or is that just our guess as to why none of us hear a peep?

Hey guardians, how about a shout out to the forum?
Yeah I asked him for an update... he said to check news on Nova server. Lol so good luck to us all!
Last information I was given was on May 11th stating that the new Admin was is currently getting busy with all the stuff on Terra and that in time the new Admin would be coming on regularly. There were no specific time frames given. This coincided with the Birthday/Garuug event and Loyalty event.
We can't get an admin just for our server, always an admin to focus on on Terra first and will come when he has extra time for our server... god it's frustrating
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What going to happen to nova. I don't usually play the game that much. When I do it's usually nova.
I tried playing on Terra. I didn't unstand the Russian. Is there a translator program for it for my phone?
not that I know of , I also have problems with understanding quest in russian there.
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