Way to play until we get something better

Well, according to flash words, it would be way too dangerous to download previous adobe version because they no longer have protection, so I was told to download NoxPlayer, which is an app that you put on your Pc that looks like a phone. So you can download Dragon Eternity App on google play or whatever it is, the only thing that I don't really like is that it's like playing on mobile, but with a mouse. That's why it can be a way to play until we get news from admin about better things :) Thx to Baroness
Bluestacks is the same. The issue with mobile, Nox and Bluestacks is that you can play OR chat. You can't do both like the browser app.
Yeah that's what i don't like, we can't do multiple things at the same time.... But can be a way to play while there's something better :(
For me, I downloaded the Puffin application through Bluestacks. I opened Puffin through Bluestacks, watched the ad, and then went to the DE Site. It takes you to the mobile page, so you click on the right hand side to select - Request Desktop Site, which will allow you to log in. It should take you to the DE page, with no issue. Then select, Flash Theatre View from the menu on the right hand corner (otherwise the chat box is cut off). This method allows for me to move around, fight and use the chat box. This is the current method I am using for now since we don't have an update on when the steam version will be done.
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