We have had long time now the rule only one account per pvp fight or only one account per entire war or only one account per a boss fight or in a sb. We are expanding this now to weekly confi, This means only one account can win a ark per week not 2 in 2 different brackets or in same bracket dont matter only one. You can still run arena hops as long as not both are in the top 3 places in anyway brackets so from now on pick a account you want to push for the week. We will be enforcing this with a fine after one warning. This way more people will have the chance to win a weekly award.

If any questions please feel to ask one of the keepers of wisdom

Wow this makes me so happy.
I’m sure veds so sad.
Great decision to give others a chance to win arcs and reals instead of one selfish person taking all the rewards for himself.
Still my opinion....get rid of the weekly confrontation rewards.

Why should someone spend money on the game if someone else has more time to play and they get almost the same benefits? Then you won't have to worry about minor issues like this and can focus on making the game better.

DE won't get new players until major changes are made.
Tyvm, finaly i no need stop it
p.s. i here damn altsmakers!
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