Returned to find it broken

I cant do my nephlim missions because I'm stuck on the duel of truth mission please make it skip for me as you havent done Dot in over a year!
Please give me my achievments for completing the 7bs eye of shadan, grey bc, ECT collections as it hasnt given me them even,though I have them complete!
Fix the PvP bots they are way overpowered and nowhere near a regular player if you are trying to get players to keep playing dont give them every buff in the game maybe 1-3 buffs max!
Fix the mentor quests so if they finish the bandit mission before getting a mentor they can still complete the quest line as it freezes at the bandits of you finish before getting a mentor!
Fix the PvP 30-34 PvP bot that has pelican spells and yet is wearing all witcher gear this is not acceptable😅
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Changing the requirements for pvp battles would be nice. it's almost impossible to get enough people from each empire to join. I think it would be so much easier to get pvp participation if empire didn't matter.
The nephilim chain is bugged in that part- It had to manually be fixed by an admin, perhaps try reporting to game insight (bugs). They were supposed to have updated the quest chain to remove this part and have a replacement in lieu of it since DoT doesn’t exist anymore. I would also advise the same for your suggestion on the arena bots. That is the only current line of access to an admin, and hope to get some form of a resolution.

The mentor quests are all bugged beyond the first couple, I wouldn’t recommend trying to complete them as when it was previously worked on, most of the bugs were never fixed. I don’t believe there has been an update since last year on those.
not only mentors quest, same thing is about "Days of Grand Heroism" to low level give quest for Ruins of Ancient Capitals, but u can enter only from level 22, so all the quests for low levels i useless, same thing with Crossairs Box, u cannot open it before level 22, but still give me that box and life span is only 20 days, so if there will be newcomers that will be for one day, because of quests like this and boxes like this u cant use whole game potential. in the end am newcomer here, but looks like not for a long time, no pvp no quests no events no action for low levels.

P.S. that bot in 9-15 bracket, without good gear +runes + buff u cannot kill : bambi, assassian and tained goat, some of them already have 7b rep over blue medal, so to kill them u need be full baffed and blue geared, but look at the newcomers, when they come into battle and dies in 3 hits, thats not ok, thats not pvp.

Best Regards.
ah yea, and say BIG THANKS to vedmak1984, Insult removed hi is ruining all game, with that red hex,bane and bonecrusher, when hi lose fight with alt characters , him start trowing arround that banes and hex, need to to something with him. Hi thinks that whole servers is for him. if hi will do that to newcomers u understand what happening when u have to pay for that hex like 7 or 8g to remove it, for new players that money is too big, atleast in almost dead server put money- no thanks, so u just presss alt +f4 , thats my opinnion. thanks again.
stunwell, Newbie?) Ha. If you are not interested, then why 100500 altos?
-PeskY-, yea newbie, but was played long ago, now start again, and nothing changed about Vedmak1984 Insult removed.
stunwell-PeskY-, yea newbie, but was played long ago, now start again, and nothing changed about Vedmak1984 Insult removed.
What admins think about forum punishment for this newbie-old alt???
Insult removed Completely blinded?)
Insult removed. Forum silences are only given in cases that are extreme.
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