Dear Admins , guardians , developers , master , god ))

do a server merge, or tell me how to help it, people leave every day, 3 weeks there wasn’t more than one naval battle, no one wants to play with themselves ..... if for this someone has to use an interpreter so as not to break the rules games, make an announcement before the merger, a set of rules for terra, everyone will understand and follow them, it has become too boring and for a long time ....
.................................................. ..............................
P.s After reading, write in a comment that you read this, we will see the real activity of the players .... Administration ... please respond somehow
No any want care about us sadly(....
A server merge will not occur. Where the game is at currently is where it will remain until further notice.

There are some changes that are noted on the Russian server’s forum- but the Q&A opened by admin has been closed and nothing posted beyond April of this year so there is no guidance to what direction they plan to take the game in.
Reading terra, they are very confident we have until April 2020 (domain name is paid for supposedly, I didn't check!)

Leane, Thank you for your honesty and hard work. Truly, you are appreciated by many of us.

I have tried many other games now, and nothing beats DE. Very likely I will be back active soon enough, nothing else is as challenging and fun as this. Perhaps it is time to aim for the level 90 "beat the game" goal after all
Storm Kat,

I hit the same roadblock. Not really a first person shooter, which seems to be the next best because a lot of rpg games are way too P2P for my taste. I still favor this game over many others I have tried.
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