The end is soon, it could have lasted.....

I just wanted to put my 2 cents in before the game completely dies so that I can offer some wisdom and perhaps people can learn and grow and turn into beautiful blossoming flowers.

Don’t u find it ironic how the server was way more alive before dreidan made changes and created the guardian system. That’s because even though many people cheated, we monitored it and kept it at bay. Was not perfect but at least we had enough players to keep it alive. This server was still going strong and when clan wars came back, it got even better. Then enter the guardians. I think they for the most part wanted to make things better but it didn’t really go that way. They were very black and white with everything, jailing good long time players and cashers with outrageous fines they could not pay. And why should they pay? Only to come back to be jailed again and again. I am a firm believe that there is a lot of grey in between the black and white. I suggested allowing these players to pay off their fines in gold. Giving them a month or so out of jail to pay what they owe. This would have saved lots of good players and cashers. Damn, I know cashers that would have even cashed to pay part of what they owed as long as they were allowed to do hop and still play. There was/is so much unfair bias within the guard system. I was never given a warning and was jailed and had huge fines put on me for 2 trades I did with pandor before the guards were ever in place. The worse part is that a “guardian” was allowed to lie and slander pandor and me in the forum even though all the other guards looked at our history and saw that the guard was clearly and blatantly lying. However they allowed it, the unfair lies and slander to be posted, throwing their integrity out the door. That’s when I stopped cashing, last October. It was truly amazing and disappointing that a guard was allowed to do this not only to 2 top players on the server but one being a tremendous contributor of supporting the site. As I said back then, I have always been the target of people’s envy and I get it. Every single power player chose me, I mean tbh I would be jealous of me too lol, however we need conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty.

And Ved, you are still trying to bc people out of the game. Really? You will be all alone here with your Adan hammer killing mobs lol.

The real admins clearly want this site to die so they can shut it down. The fatal arrow was the change of our aoh hops from terras admin. I doubt this server can recover from this change. Dreidan has not been here for months.

All things must come to an end I suppose.

I truly loved this game, fighting with my friends and especially pandor has been such a pleasure, I’m glad I’ll have those memories always.

I’ll stay until the end even if it’s to log on once a week to say hi to long time friends.

I’m sad to see laker leave, you were a funny spunky guy and even though we had our differences, it was nice knowing u while it lasted. Best of luck to u.
*dramatically dies without anyone watching or caring*
Thats really sad but looks like this server i already death! Some people still trying keep hope that anything will happen for better but not obviously , week by week is even worse at the moment iam not going to spend anymore time ;) Especially i would like to say advice to good ppl here thats great time to get our real life back.Best of luck to everyone
And Ved, you are still trying to bc people out of the game. Really? You will be all alone here with your Adan hammer killing mobs lol.

I stoped fight with yuors clan 3 times before...but u think can do with players all what want with help yuors @friends@ (u even make ursa kick me from my clan when i was on vacation, but its broke only 9 leg, not me...). I have good memory why its all started again, and wont discuss anymore any (I more like do, then talk). U, amherst, othie,ings + thornus and too want try "play" in team and make me stop, but u know me very bad.....i never give up even if u call all server to help. p.s---was very suprised when even pandor start stall my hop
And even if game die, so we will have more time "play" with our family, what also not so bad.
@goddessLinda some ok points but the major one is you keep talking about slander which is hilarious. Slander is verbal. No verbal chat in this game. The word you are after is libel, that is the written version.
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