Hmmm, well my search through the clans shows no one online.
Yep I can't log in either
Well it everything else didn’t hurt the server, this would not help.
Computers cannot connect either. You can log on as a guest but there are is no one on.
Not sure if it will lead to a fix but Glean has opened a ticket and reported it to Dreidan. Hope it does not last too long.
Nope, still mobile and pc are dead...
Still dead
Yep since 8hours plus no login possible ;(
terra server has the same problem. maybe they solve it soon. :) admin or guy from developpers side give any comment on this... no message before... hopefully it’s fixed soon
Back up and running now

Thank you for opening a ticket and getting them to fix this. 12 hour outage is not too bad
Glean, Much appreciated for the update!
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