Custom Emoticon - are requests being taken?

1 - Is the price negotiable at all? 100 Reals seems steep.

2 - Will admin make a new one if we request it?

3 - • make an order by sending an e-mail to:; is that still the correct address?

Thanks in advance!
Prices have not changed, but I will pass along the request. I am not sure if the email works. I just pass along to Dreidan and await the response.
Leane, Thank you very much!
Can we get a update on this situation??
Attempted, do not have response.
Do not hold your breath bro cause this game is all played out stake a folk in it. The premise of this game is PvP. In laymen terms it is cashers beat up and get reps at the expense of weaker cashers or non cashers. The arrogant non sociable cashers force aka bully everyone out of here so they have no one to play with. Those people know who they are, don't want to start a flame war but I will name one cause I am not afraid of predator, cult leader bullies like RaPack05
ThisNsihT, lol facts.... the crazy thing is half the clan put reals in for this and it gets 0 support from the admin not that I didon't expect it but I suspect that if a major casher asked they would jump and run smh
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