I just received a sad message.

Our former clanmember VIKAMAG has passed away.
After a long fight against a terrible dissease she lost the fight and left us.
Message received me today, but it seems she allrdy passed away in november of 2018

VIKAMAG we never meet in RL, but you have made a lasting impression on Me and My clan, we will never forget you.

We wil meet again !!!

Your friends of League Of Legends
to the fallan clan she was known as blackbeer
and my first de friend and I miss her everyday
I am sorry to hear that. My condolences and she will be remembered.
my condolences to family
sorry to hear that bad news
my condolances goes out to her i remember blackbear damn will see u 1 day
My condolences to the family. No matter what side or clan we are fighting for a loss of a DE family member is felt by all. This is not a goodbye but a see you later.
My sincere condolences
Thoughts and prayers to her friends and family that loved her.
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