clan quest

i have a clan quest that i need to kill a bersek on ruins but as i have seen ruins not run so anyone know if kill will count on 7b ??
Yes, the clan quests should count 7B. As far as my tests have gone, the only one that doesn't count is the weekly event ROAC ones. Other than that, all have worked in 7B. Please do let me know here if that changed! Good Luck!
let me find a bersek first on 7b and will try to kill it and see if work :)
LONLY WOLF, Kitty Kat is in your bracket, and a zerk, feel free to invite me to queue with her if you see me on. You might have a hard time getting your kill, but I'm happy to join when bored.
Its storm she should be an easy kill. If not you gotta get stronger lol
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