Clan level 2

How can we get to clan level 2 if we can't achieve the quest in necromancer place any suggestions please
What is the quest asking for?
If it's the big fight, you can invite people to temporarily join the clan to help you pass the battles.
Hunny it's the spark of life in necromancer place got to obtain 160 but the anti dahlia is not there to talk to
check if you got any open quests with him, ones on halloween quest had problems finding him too last time because needed to finsih a quest then he was back in his place again.
ant1985, that is, by far, the worst of the quests. I spent over a month in AA trying to collect and got 3/5, didn't complete a single quest. Hopefully you can get it and have better luck
yup we had same problem, when we had to do the quest. you have to check open quests to find any dahlia and complete these, then any will return and you can finish the necro quest
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