please remove 버서크 옹레 from confrontation

can ye please get rid of him he's been reported so many times, he probably wont get in the way this week but he still could so please get fix him!!
I asked guardians and they asked Dreidan and he said he will leave him there to not give easy confrontations
pft thats stupid. might as well give it to a player who will actually use it
I think is good, that keeps alts away from that bracket
I agree that it takes alts away, but i still think he shouldnt be there... sometimes there are slow weeks and people might make 115 or something and miss out big time
it will be better if no alts allowed on any bracket
It would be better if alts were never integrated i to the game at all in the first place
whatever about alts, inactives definately shouldnt be getting rewards like that just because devs are too lazy to fix it
Man that inactive would be rich as if he had manage to hide himself being inactive and just bought hello wraith spheres that lasted years loooool that would be the plottwist of a lifetime.
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