make this bugs. got another one posting soon.

will update with other player details after war.

fight link re: mechs. as you can see they could use, we could not. This happened in each and every fight we tried to add mechs in, all said every elitist was already under attack and we could not send.
wrong link above:

but this is already in guardians hands. thank you rhatmes and glean for the advice and help
I am unable to send a mechanoid against anyone. Not sure why because I meet all the standards the droids say.
TheOnlyOne, there is definitely a bug with the "send mech" in the gold bars, but if you click the mech and type in the name, it sometimes works (but usually doesn't, it's very strange when/why hasn't been figured out by any of us yet.)
not just war. could not call them here either. It would be nice if we could get some answers. During war, i could call them so long as someone had not called them already against a name (by design i would guess).
Amherst, not sure what it said for you, but on computer is was very close to "You cannot use this item in this type of battle", so I'm guessing for Ship Battles, it is intentional. I will grab the screen shot for the exact wording next time and update asap
Storm Kat, yes got bug this too against pandor(in wars and sb), mech cant call dont know why....need fix it.
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