Battle Master quest

Any chance we can have a 'QUIT QUEST' button like the arena ones for Master Devian. I've been stuck on 4 out of 5 lethal blows for months, the only times that I can get on at the moment, there is no one to fight. Even if only renews once a day it would be an Improvement.
There is a Cancel button on my "Death Bringer" gladiator quest from Master Davian. I am on computer and the cancel is definitely there, maybe a bug on mobile is happening for you not to see it?
Storm Kat, hmm think he's talking about arrows?
laker, ahhh, that makes sense, thanks for clearing that up. Those can definitely not be cancelled.

I hope they fix the bug on the SB ones soon and I +1 this suggestion!
Bots cannot be counted for kills. This is to remain as it is now.
Leane, He's asking for a reset quest kind of. I'm guessing what he's saying is you get to refresh you quest once a day or even cancel it for that said day and get a new one the next.

I can relate to this and would love a feature like that
Or, DE could just change them all to damage for everyone and avoid these kills being needed at all Since they need to be fixed anyway, maybe we could beg nicely for the change at the same time?
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