Anniversary Event

So thank you that its finally here... but anyone under level 22 can't complete the quest for orange casket as we cant do ruins and 7b seemingly doesnt count
So the combos available at outskirts of sadar city are unclear, one of them shows no information whatsoever, I think it’s the regalia one. And what are the quantities in the other packet?
Some sort of answer BEFORE the event ends would be nice ..
The event is as intended. If you are below the level requirement, you wil not be able to complete the quests. Ruins is separate from 7B.
I will let him know about the packets.
Could someone tell me what’s in the regalia packet?
Bug is in progress, I know it says NOT USED.
So sad right now:( I thought i had another 8 hrs on quest for orange casket today, but seems the ability to drop them went with the event although the quest is still here.

Was this intentional?
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