Bought 50r on my tablet, said payment was successful. never got it
Bumping this post

payment issue link - внешняя ссылка
Brought 10reals said item purchased but I didn't get them then I brought 10 more and received them can you fix my first purchase please and thanks
Bought 10 reals, it took my money but no reals were given. Please fix this issue, thanks

Transaction number 449457328
Bought 3 reals. İt took my money no reals were given. I wanna give back my money or reals.
IT support, please help fix my account as it has problem teleporting. it takes very long to teleport. thanks in advance
I just bought 25 reals. My iTunes account was charged, but no reals showed up.
Please click on the link that is posted above. Posting here will not get it resolved.
habe 5 mal 10 reals gekauft un nie eine Truhe bekommen
PayPal not working since weeke even before flash stop working

Sooo what is my and other players problem in here lately beneath a lot of other stuff not fixed...?
I tried since weeks to use PayPal and it still not works.
I went to in game bank page...
click on PayPal...
choose my amount what I want to get..
continue... and will be swithched inside of the game automatically to the following page:
https:// dragoneternity. com/ game/ money. php (please remove all spaces I set to be able to post any page in here)
but this page stays white or blank or whatever to call the nothing what shows up...
I contacted the GI support (as maybe others too) and got the following answer after some discussions and shared screenshots

Dear player,
Unfortunately, we don't process in-app purchases. In this case, the best solution is to contact the Support Team of the platform you used to make a purchase. If it was Xsolla, here is a link: https:// help. xsolla. com/
In the case you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to write me back!

that was the answer from support regarding PayPal isn't working anymore...

Many of the last players left will leave or never play like before with this solution of... not fixing stuffs in here!
If admins not repair things, this game is more dead then ever sadly!

well bye bye DE I would say... as many others
if this (beneath other things) will not be fixed at all!
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