What are the current exchange rates for DE?

US dollar = 1 real

British Pound ____ = 1 real

Euro ______ = 1 real

Russian Ruble ____ = 1 real

I ask because before in Aer, those that bought with dollars, ended up paying 50% more than the Russian players. I don't feel that is fair.
90 reals would cost me 84 euro s

with pay pal
Its all based on the currency conversion rate. Im canadian but they only accept us so i would be paying about 1.3 dollars per real
on the russian server i know reals are half the price they are here..
-Miracle-on the russian server i know reals are half the price they are here..

No, you dont know. They are paying the same but as being a russian server, they have offers what is attached with for exemple webshop offers. Meaning purchase in a online jewelry for x rubels, then you get discont here for y rubels. At the end it cost them same or more if use these discounts.
But normally they pay close to the same currency based on 1$ = 1 real rate.

Why good it is to make mood creation allways? This question was many times chewed before. Why not be happy that server isnt switched off yet and finally shut up?
Too expensive or not worth to spend here anymore? Then dont do (surprise) but stop this powerless and riduculous try to get discount on reals price.
Nothing is good and you can only cry about it? Then leave. Who force you stay here?

For the record i need pay even 1,5x more than the 1$ currency. Yet i not complain left and right.

As I stated, I know for a fact on Aer, they paid half the price of the US players. I am asking if that is true here as well. If so, then those of us that pay in USD, Pound, Euro, etc are spending far more for the same, and that is simply not fair.

My guess is, if the tables were reversed, you would ask for it to be made fair as well. I am simply asking at this point. So you are saying you pay about 64 rubles for 1 real?
Sydeste, Damn just saying, im not russian so i wouldnt know for certain. Just know from going onto that server and changing rubles to euro. I dont cash so im not exactly complaining.
Russian players are currently paying more
90 reals its 6999 rub , 6999 rub at present 106.72$
6999 rub at present 95.017 eur
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