bug with arrows

bug with tasks for arrows, tasks for ruins and sb , during the week is not updated ... every day the counter 24 hours starts anew ...I ask you either to fix it, or I want to receive a reward, once the quest closes by itself if anyone has the same bugs, please write in the comments
I have the same bug and reported it once before. Ruins and sea battle arrow quests never reset. Would love for it to be fixed too.
I have informed him, has not gotten to it yet.
Same problem for me sb quest fix it pls
Agreed same for me
He put in fixes today. Please try again. I will check back make sure taken care of.
Still not works
Ok we will try another fix for it.
Removed by user
Ok we will try another fix for it.
still not working. I have been unable to get a new SB quest for arrows for a long time now, yet have done many SB. Can you pretty please ask Dreidan to give us some bonus arrows while we wait? They would really come in handy if we do get the garuug event.
Storm Kat, agreed!
I want free stuff to.
not working long time
still not working..........can make an opportunity to get arrows in another way: completing a quest or craft
still not work
Five months and no fix yet. Guess we don't rate time with the dev team
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