Confrontation Points

So im just looking for a list of the points you get for aoh/7b/sb/roac/clan war fights in the different brackets if anyone happen to know..
AOH, for each win (kills and dmg doesn't matter. With bots as well):

• 1 league +1 point;
• 2 league +2 points;
• 3 league +3 points; (?)
• 4 league +4 points; (?)
• 5 league +4 points;
• 6 league +5 points;

1-1 BC battles give 30% from AOH-win points.

When you lvl-up from first league to the second, all points will double x2. From 2-nd to 3-rd - x1.5. Other lvl-ups don't change anything. And after rebirth, points multiply by x0.2

Don't know exactly about other places. Arena and BC are most effective for rating. And clan-wars.

what about sea battles, what about 7b, what about mine fights. BC's a smaller player counts? How much smaller, or do they all count the same? The list goes on and on.

Again, my vote would be to eliminate conf points completely.
Amherst, BC smaller players... give less conf points.
Reduction goes approximately equal to BC-rep reduction for cursed smaller players.
thank you :)
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