Maze times

Can we PLEASE get maze times for the US evenings? It would be most helpful if we could get undead rep and items during out evening like others can. We have asked several times. Can we PLEASE make this happen?
Has been asked, not yet addressed. I will provide updates in the small updates page when I have a response.

I find it discouraging that we can spend time and effort making a change no one voted for, yet the things we ask for repeatedly get ignored. Why is it so very difficult to get an answer yes or no on lottery, maze times, system requirements for the game, etc. It really seems like some basic effort to create balance in the game is not too much to ask for vs. creating even more imbalance.

Again, I am sure this will get commented on by a legion of people who just gather, vs trying to improve. Or is it that the game would rather us re-roll and create more "new" characters so our level 35 can kick the crap out of the 70+ people here? That maybe the better answer, since 300 reals spent on a "new" toon goes way farther than on a 70+ toon.

I’m sorry, but can’t give you an answer on that one- I post when I get a response and that’s as much as I can do to give y’all updates. I try to keep everybody as current as I can via forum. Wish I knew a bit more but that falls out of my range.

well how often does the admin bother to show up? how long should we have to wait for an answer? how in depth of conversation does the admin have with the guardians? Or is it just you and he talk? I am really beginning to question this guardian thing. It really feels like it is a one person show now.
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