Can we please have normal sb on sb days

The q is broken and shows one q which means they are completely split.
Please make this back to normal and experiment on non sb days.

No one voted for 1 q completely mixed sb so please experiment on non heroism days.
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Everyone wants mixed sea battle aka one queue so you people got it with 50% less Heroism. Becareful what you wish for cause it might come true
This is not what anyone asked for.

This is just broken now
I hope more will queue on non-event days, I have spent many hours now alone (or with 1 other, ty whoever that is) in queue this week.
Let's all remember there is no gear damage in SB, therefore no reason to avoid going on non-event days.
The more we get to fire, the easier it should be to fix any bugs (right?)
The changes are to stay for now. A news post will be made to clarify the changes. End goal was to get more sea battles going, so we will see how things go . I am aware this is not the original vote, however the ideas were proposed to Dreidan and he has decided to try a different approach to get SBs going.

I presume many will be shooting the messenger, but this is the information I have at hand to share.

This is completely unfair, basically dreidan was unable to make them they way that was promised to us, the way we voted on. So now we have to settle on the exact way that most people did not want.

Can we have a vote to go back to the original way?

For many of us this is the reason for being in a clan, I rather fight beside my people win or lose.

This way would have never been voted for. As much as vedmak and I differ, this is the one thing we both agreed on.

We voted on 2 separate q’s and it only mix if there were 10+ in q but not enough on once side.
I agree that it would be awesome if it could be sadar vs. vaalor when enough sign up for both sides, and I agree with goddessLinda that fighting alongside your clanmates is some of the most fun in the game. But...I respectfully disagree with switching the system back.

I'm not sure if sea battles used to run all the time, but since I've started, it has been a constant struggle to get into any sea battles because they run so infrequently. That makes corsair rep hard to come by and means that I almost never get to see what has become one of my favorite battlegrounds. Today, sea battles ran for most of the day and it was AWESOME.

For people who didn't try sea today, maybe give it a shot tomorrow, keep an open mind. You might get your butt kicked by some of the big people from your own clan, you might not always get to fight alongside your long time friends, but you might have fun anyways (and bonus: you'll still have clan wars to fight alongside clanmates).

...just a bit of perspective from a noobie.
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I think a gew more changes have to be made:
- queue now only takes ten people. I was kicked out fully buffed because there were 19people in queue and game only took 10. 9VS9 would make a lot more sense.
- if it is going to be mixed forever, you shouldn’t take away a percentage of corsair coins or heroism. That just isn’t fair.

It runs every 10 minutes I think with the new timer, so that is why he lowered the number of people.

And all sea battles are full heroism, no cut just because it is mixed. He changed that part since all battles are mixed now.


It is back to 1 hour, the 10 minute was just for the day testing. If any further questions feel free to PM me and I will ask him when he's back next week. Best of luck in new setup!
Well it wasn't what I wanted... but clearly since sb is actually firing aloooooot now I'd say keep it like this.. besides I got to see ved kick df butt was worth it ^^
Storm KatI hope more will queue on non-event days, I have spent many hours now alone (or with 1 other, ty whoever that is) in queue this week.
Let's all remember there is no gear damage in SB, therefore no reason to avoid going on non-event days.
The more we get to fire, the easier it should be to fix any bugs (right?)

i agree, id like to see them firing on non-sb days, cant break gear so lets do it even if people dont buff as much im cool with that, lets get them going.

Is probably me queuing with you lol.
-Groot-, i do agree with you but if they fire more fully mixed then im cool with that too lol.

A while back SBs used to fire alot more especially (a long time ago lol) we didnt have 2 heroism days a week pretty sure there used to be only 1 a month so really i dont see why we cant get them going on non sb days too, id be loving to do them everyday of the week but not all see it the same lol.

How long till he posts what changed? You said they go every 10 minute, it does not. So will 5 vs 5 go or only full boats? Since yesterday, i have not seen any go, so am wondering what we got.
amazing, three days, have not seen a single sea battle, once i saw someone else in queue. Maybe Admin can tell us if this change has increased sea at all. I bet 5 reals, it has not.

now, first hour of heroism day, and queue was at 6, close, but no cigar.
Well i happen to know sea battles have been firing so maybe your just not on when people are. You have to remember the game is dead and no one cares about it anymore they just play to kill time. Maybe you should stop complaining and go outside for a change and have a life outside of a game. Seriously stop taking it so seriously its a game, and ontop of that its a game that is dead and the admins only work on it becuase people aren't smart enough to stop putting money into it becuase they wanna be the strongest in a game of maybe 100 people still playing
Are you saying vedmark is not smart??? He is the smartest guy no one knows
Yes i am. Only an idiot would keep wasting money on a game that is dead and going no where. Find something else to play and waste money on and let the game die lol

Thank you for the post announcing it....
and Thank you for working so hard to make it happen! This was a blast! And as those that said they prefer to play with your own clan can see, you can get a mostly-your-clan battle going and have fun that way now too. This is a great upgrade to the game and I am happy to see it working.
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